2017 Event

October 6-8 2017

The Salt City Gladiator Games will be held this year at BEAU (Broadview Entertainment Arts University) in Salt Lake City. http://beau.broadviewuniversity.edu/. This location does offer us a nice distance into downtown SLC for those looking to see the sights or inviting their significant others.

Ramada Limited Salt Lake City is the closest hotel to our venue.
2455 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 486-2400

Tickets and Pre-registration: TBD

Weekend Wildcard Qualifier

Warhammer 40k 
SCGG Championships - Friday-Saturday

Warhammer 30k
Horus Heresy (Narrative) Expansion

Guild Ball
National cup Friday.
Gladiator Cup Saturday.
Doubles tournament Sunday.

Infinity the Game
Friday Showdown tournament
Saturday will be a 4 round ITS tournament

Saturday - Competitive Tournament
Sunday - Epic Furball

Drop Zone Commander/ Drop Fleet Commander
Saturday - DZC: Invasion of Eden Prime Tournament
Sunday - DFC: Ferrum's Incursion Tournament

Age of Sigmar
Saturday - War for the Direstone Mountains, Tournament
Sunday - The Eye of the Storm, Apocalypse level event

RPG events all weekend

Salty Dwarf Painting Competition

2 day painting class with Matt DiPietro!
(Info Here)
You can check out more of Matt's work here;
If you would like more info please email at redmodeling@gmail.com

Speed Painting