Final Warmachine Schedule for SCGG

Friday steamroller 2017

Sign ups 10 am, first round 11.
Up to two 75 point lists
Baseline rules

Saturday masters 2017

Sign ups 10 am, first round 11.
Two 75 point lists required
Active duty roster allows specialists
Rules variants: no Divide and Conquer

SCGG 2017 Sunday Warmachine/Hordes Event Details

Chose Your Fate

The Purpose
Have you ever played in a competitive tournament, looked at your next opponents' casters, and thought to yourself "Huh, caster X or Y -- Argh! I do not want to play against caster X, but that is probably what I need to prepare for...  *Sigh*"

Or maybe you have looked across the table and thought, "ANOTHER player brought theme list B? Grrr! I am going to shoot myself!"

The Format
Well, this is why we have come up with a new test format: "Choose Your Fate". Every player comes prepared with two caster lists of 25 points, and two army lists of 50 points with no caster attached.

Each round, players look at their opponent's lists, and can make one choice: Force their opponent to play caster list X or Y; or force their opponent to play army list A or B. The players' choices are made secretly, then revealed simultaneously.

After players have made their choices of which caster list or army list their opponent will play, they then secretly decide which of their remaining caster list or army list to play, coupled with the list their opponent forced them to play, and this choice is revealed simultaneously as well.

The resulting round will be a 75-point game, with each player using one caster list and one army list combined, played in Steamroller 2017 standard format, with a maximum 4-round tournament limit.

Theme Lists
Theme lists are allowed, but any combined 75-point list with a given 25-point caster list and 50-point army list, must comply with the theme composition. In this format, the army list carries the theme title, and the caster list does not, until it is attached to the army list. To enable theme-legal list results, players are allowed an optional 20-points of specialists, which can be swapped out with models in the caster list, to allow it to comply with the theme composition. Additional free models granted by theme bonus after the army list and caster list are combined, can be added without having to be listed on either list, but must be announced to the opponent after lists have been selected.

Another Twist for Fun
Because the goal of this format is to be a fun format, with a slightly competitive edge, we are also throwing in another variant: Terrain Propagation

After each round is completed, players will swap out the scenario elements for the following round's scenario elements, keeping the table's terrain as close as possible to the previous arrangement, while remaining legal for scenario play (as is standard for typical tournaments). The player who lost the previous round will then get to select one terrain element from the following list, and place it anywhere they choose, on the table in legal placement criteria. This terrain element will remain for the rest of the event; meaning each round, one additional terrain element will be added to each table, thereby increasing the number of terrain elements per round played on each table. The Tournament Organizer can adjust terrain placement before each round, as deemed necessary.

Terrain Propagation list: linear obstacle, trench, acid bath, dense fog (never removes), wreck marker, burning earth (it never goes out).

Top table vote: For the last round, the top 2 players determined by tournament score, will play at the table voted on by the remaining tournament players

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