Salt City Gladiator Games Committee Bio - Jason Scanlon

Hello, Gladiators!

Once again, we present to you an introduction of one of our SCGG Planning Committee members.

For the Gamers, By the Gamers

Unlike many other conventions, SCGG is run by members of the community instead of by a business or store. Each of us comes from a different niche in the tabletop hobby, but we all have a passion for wargaming and bringing people together to have good times throwing dice.

Jason Scanlon

(Garish, amateur 80's-style movie poster montage brought to you by the wonders of Photoshop)

Jason got started sometime in 2007, when he walked into a game store, saw people rolling dice and moving miniatures around flock-covered tables laced with fancy terrain, and said "how do you play this game?..."  Fast-forward over 9 years later, and here he is, working with the convention planning team on making year four of the Salt City Gladiator Games, a reality.

It has been an interesting journey, starting with 3rd edition Lizardmen from Warhammer, to his fabled "chocolate smurf" Tyranid army of 40K (with occasional hand-made foam 'nid proxies for testing), and now to 
the growing forces of angry werewolf druids of Circle Orboros in Hordes -- why does this guy seem to vacillate to creatures with fangs and tails...?

Throughout the course of his dice-rolling, super-glue-messing, tape-measure-stretching, evil-grin-honing, eternal-paint-job-noodling table-top-gaming career, Jason has always been intrigued with the organized play experience.  He has even tried several (largely unsuccessful) personal attempts at writing and running a couple of narrative campaigns (but they were fun while they lasted!).  While he would not consider himself a very competitive player, he has frequented many tournaments with the goal of meeting new fellow gamers, and playing more nerd games than his tired brain can handle.

For SCGG, Jason has served in several planning capacities, from store relations to venue selection to terrain construction.  Wherever his talents and enthusiastic personality are needed, Jason will be there.

Be on the lookout for our next organizer...

We have many more bios coming for you in the future. Be sure to say hello and shake our hands as we are out and about in the community. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 Event!

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