Salt City Gladiator Games Committee Bio - Chris "Captain" Morgan

Hello, Gladiators!

Planning for the 2017 SCGG is in full swing, but while we are waiting to get some of the details hammered out, the SCGG Planning Committee wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves to the community who may or may not know us by name and face.

For the Gamers, By the Gamers

Unlike many other conventions, SCGG is run by members of the community instead of by a business or store. Each of us comes from a different niche in the tabletop hobby, but we all have a passion for wargaming and bringing people together to have good times throwing dice. So, without further ado, here is the first of the SCGG Committee Bios!

Chris "Captain" Morgan

Captain Morgan has been in the wargaming hobby since his wee days of painting horses for his dad's Napoleonic miniatures. Chris has had a long and sordid love affair with the wargaming hobby, but settled on the universe of Warhammer 40,000, and more recently Horus Heresy, where the majority of his gaming passion lies with the Blood Angels faction for both systems. Even so, he owns a mighty and stout army of dwarves from the Lord of the Rings game sets, among other (a holdover love of the bearded warriors stays strong after playing Hero Quest so much as a kid). The promise of a good time rolling dice with good people with good models is enough to get him to try any system. In addition to working on the SCGG Committee, Chris also is a panelist on the Forge the Narrative Podcast (known as the FTN Librarian for his love of the stories and fiction), writing articles for FTN, Bell of Lost Souls, and Frontline Gaming from time-to-time. 

For SCGG, Chris works as the Head Tournament Organizer for the 40k Narrative and Competitive events, which he has headed for the last two years. The 2016 SCGG saw the 40k Championships reach Grand Tournament status, and Chris is looking forward to keep growing the event with big changes in the 40k scene on the horizon. Additionally, Chris is hoping to get more opportunities to come and play in more events put on by the community in general, and maybe add a Horus Heresy event this year as well.

The First of Many to Come...

We have many more bio's coming for you in the future. Be sure to say hello and shake our hands as we are out and about in the community. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 Event!

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