SCGG Sponsor Spotlight: Warhammer - The District

Hello Gladiators!

Captain Morgan back again to give a well-deserved shout out to Warhammer - The District, our latest sponsor to be featured on our spotlight series.

Who They Are

Warhammer - The District is a shop that just opened this year down in The District in South Jordan. As the first Games Workshop store in Utah, we couldn't be more excited to have them here in town sharing the love for the great game of 40k. First opening its doors on April 9th, Warhammer - The District is here to bring you all of the exclusive goodies and special events that are featured at Warhammer stores the world-over. Be sure you head in and check them out! All my experiences with the staff have been awesome, so don't miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the demos, painting, and hobby glory that you can find in this store.

Revenge of Dark Vengeance!

Inspiring Demo of the Sigmar starter set

Really cool to see the store busy with painting, demos, and good times!

What They are Doing for You at SCGG

I am very excited to announce their prize contribution for SCGG. The winner of the Hobby Champion prize for the SCGG 40k Narrative is receiving a gift card redeemable for a single Start Collecting box of your choice! That's an $85 value! We sincerely appreciate Warhammer - The District for being willing to contribute this awesome prize - and I'm totally jealous of the lucky winner of the prize at SCGG coming up in less than 2 weeks!

Get yourselves ready! The Games are just around the corner and preregistration is only open for another five days! Spots are filling so get your tickets NOW!


Captain Morgan

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