SCGG Narrative Sponsor Showcase - Dicehead Games!

Hello Wargamers!

Today I am super excited to do our sponsor showcase for Dicehead Games! Dicehead has been supporting SCGG's narrative campaign since the beginning.

About Dicehead Games

Dicehead Games is a great store run by gamers, for gamers. They offer Games Workshop products at 20% off every day, as well as other table top games and supplies at a great discount!

The staff is made up of avid gamers, and they are constantly expanding their gaming knowledge through our brick and mortar store, Dicehead Games in Tennessee to better serve local customers.

Shane is the man in charge, and is a great supporter of the hobby all across the country. Shane and Dicehead put on the 40k American Team Championships (ATC) every year, which is one of the largest 40k events in the world! Take some time to visit their website and check out some of the great deals they have on all things hobby!

Prize Support for the 40k Narrative

Shane and Dicehead have been supporting the SCGG Narrative by working with us as we have been playing through the campaign. We came into the campaign back in January, and have been doing monthly game days since then, as players have been building up their characters for the Narrative Finale at SCGG.

Aside from the support they have done, Dicehead has given us $100.00 worth of vouchers to distribute at the SCGG! These are tied specifically to things in the narrative - so you'll have to play to know! Please make sure to go check out the story so far and make sure you are up to date on the story of Stulte Mors!


Captain Morgan

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