SCGG Infinity Sponsor Spotlight: Golden Chalice Painting

Hello Gladiators!

We've got another sponsor spotlight for you today. Today we have some infinity sponsor coverage, and we are highlighting Golden Chalice Painting .

About Our Sponsor

Golden chalice painting has been in business for two years.  They paint display level quality miniatures and also offer a master quality paint jobs as well. They also do custom conversions and custom terrain. They have experience painting almost all miniature ranges and also offer private painting lessons. Check out some of their work!

Featured Prize

Golden Chalice is offering a high-level paint job on a single miniature as a prize in the SCGG Infinity pool. As you can see from the work above, you can be assured to get a great paint job on the mini you send to them, with a one-week turnaround!

Jared, the owner, will also be setting up his painting stuff at a table in our open play area. Stop by if you're interested in a tutorial.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors who are supporting the event and the community!

~Captain Morgan

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