SCGG 40k Table Spotlight - Titan Terrain Studios

Hello Gladiators!

Today we are happy to be able to spotlight one of the great studios in the local community that has donated the use of their excellent terrain so that all the gamers can have an excellent gaming experience. Today we are spotlighting Titan Terrain Studio, who are contributing 3 full tables of terrain for the 40k events at SCGG!

Who They Are

Titan Terrain Studio, led by Matt Thompson, has been creating custom wargaming terrain for the past three years. In late 2015 TTS went full-time, expanding into both miniature painting and resin casting as well, with their own line of themed scatter terrain coming this holiday season. The current team consists of Matt, owner and lead craftsman, Lathe, miniatures painter, and Brittani-Pearl, our head of marketing. You can contact them at to get a quote for your custom project idea, or check out their pre-made sets on our webstore at

Or, follow along in the studio's day to day activities on Facebook, twitter, youtube & many more.

Here's some examples of their work:

I'd like to send a big thank you to everyone in the community who is contributing to the games. Working together, I'm confident we will have the best year we've ever had in 40k land!

Captain Morgan

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