SCGG Sponsor Spotlight - Battlehaven

Hello Gladiators!

We at SCGG are very happy to announce a recent addition to our sponsor roster! Today we are going to do a spotlight on BattleHaven, a premier wargaming retreat experience.

Who They Are

BattleHaven is run by long-time retreat veterans who have been refining the art of wargaming retreats for seven years now. BattleHaven is the culmination of their efforts to create a wargaming experience that is worth the time, travel, and investment for those who attend. At BattleHaven, it's all about the player experience, as very specific attention to detail has been paid from everything to the locale to the awesome, thematic catered meals - the Tau-themed sushi/seafood meal is my favorite - you can bet that it will be a wargaming experience you won't soon forget.

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What They Are Doing for Wargamers

We are very excited to have the folks at BattleHaven at SCGG. Aside from their participation and support of the event, they are also contributing some excellent terrain for our 40k and Infinity events, as well as additional sponsorship for Infinity. Also we are very excited to announce that BattleHaven will be hosting an airbrush painting seminar - the first hobby seminar done at SCGG!

Feel the misty awesomeness...

Are you excited yet? We are! Thanks to BattleHaven and all of our other great sponsors, this years SCGG is shaping up to be the best one yet! Stay tuned here for more updates. The games are less than a month away, so get your tickets ordered so you don't miss out!


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