SCGG Narrative 40k Prize Spotlight: Chitin and Ceramite Studios

Greetings Gladiators!

The time for the SCGG narrative finale is fast approaching, and we are gearing up for some epic action in the closing stages of The Fall of Stulte Mors. We at SCGG have been working hard to bring you guys the good when it comes to thematic and interesting prize support, and I am happy to announce a teaser for just one of the cool prizes available to a lucky participant in the Salt City Gladiator Games Narrative Finale.

Forging a Narrative

Players who have participated in the monthly events are already somewhat familiar with this, but throughout the campaign players have been able to participate in character progression. The Finale is no different - as players will be able to bring a character to the SCGG Narrative Finale who will have opportunities to upgrade their base stats and create custom characters. Players who have already created a character will be bringing their character along as well with further opportunities to progress their characters. This campaign is about YOU and YOUR participation in the story, and it's only fitting that the prizes should reflect that.

Featured Prize: Champion Datasheets

Two lucky players - The Champion of Order or the Defiler of Disorder - will have the opportunity to have a custom warlord brought to life thanks to some awesome local paint studios who are supporting the event. This is called a "Champion Prize" and only TWO players (one per faction) will be able to take home one of them.

Winners of the Champion Prizes will get a free high-level paint job from a talented commission painter for their unique HQ choice! In addition, once the model is painted, the player will get a custom datasheet made to mimic the style of the codex datasheets for their character, complete with fluff, relics, and special rules! These characters will be useable for every narrative game and event hosted by Salt City Gladiator Games in the future.

Featured Studio: Chitin and Ceramite Studios

A newer studio based in Davis County, Micah Merkley is the man in charge of this studio. Specializing in dynamic conversions and high-quality detail on the miniatures, C&C Studios is a great studio that delivers incredible quality paintjobs on your miniatures. We are very happy to have them as a sponsor. Here are some examples of Micah's work:

Yes, that banner is freehand

This is my strong hand...

Check out his Facebook Page for cool hobby updates!

Stay tuned for additional updates and sponsor spotlights!

Captain Morgan

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