SCGG 40k Sponsor Spotlight - Blue Table Painting

Hello Gladiators!

We at SCGG are very happy to announce a recent addition to our 40k sponsor roster! Today we are going to do a spotlight on Blue Table Painting.

Who They Are

Blue Table Painting is a studio that has been in the business of bringing your hobby to life for many years. From small-scale skirmish games to large, epic army projects, there are few types of jobs that BTP has not done in their time in business. Far from being a studio alone, they also do events, have a webstore, and have a battle report channel on youtube.

Take a minute and check out some of their websites:

store here:
painting studio here:

Additionally, you can follow BTP on social media for updates on their current projects.

Blue Table Facebook

Blue Table Twitter

What They Are Doing for Wargamers

Blue Table has several epic 40k-themed terrain features and tables, and they are bringing a couple of these up to contribute to the game. Terrain is often described as the third player in a game, and can have a deciding impact on how a game goes. We are happy to have Blue Table added to the list of great local studios that are contributing to SCGG's terrain and helping us deliver the best 40k gaming experience that Utah has to offer.

Additionally, Blue Table has also graciously offered to support the event with various 40k themed prizes! More specific details are to follow, so keep your eyes peeled!

Are you excited yet? We are! Thanks to Blue Table Painting and all of our other great sponsors, this years SCGG is shaping up to be the best one yet! Stay tuned here for more updates. The games are less than a month away, so get your tickets ordered so you don't miss out!


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