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A Crazy Year for 40k

40k has been as hectic as ever as we have been preparing for the SCGG 40k championships. Over the course of the last 6 months, we at SCGG have done our best to stay on top of the current changes and updates in 40k. At the start of the year, players were asked if they wanted to keep the ITC FAQ, and the majority did. Players also wanted a 6 round series, so with that in mind we kept the ITC missions as well. As things in 40k kept changing, there was a strong push by several players to create or rebalance the ITC FAQ with spot-changes based on local preferences. The Space Marine psychic powers threw the community for a loop, and Death From the Skies came out with some big game-changers that need to be addressed as well. Then, the big bomb dropped...

Do you even exterminatus, bro?
The new moves from GW (which is a wonderful step in the right direction) to create new FAQ's for 7th edition shook up the playing field much more than could have been anticipated.  This opened a floodgate of questions regarding the SCGG and the FAQ's. Initially, we hoped that final draft FAQ's would be released in time for the games, but it looks like GW is taking their time (and rightly so) to get it right. Players were polled as to whether or not to implement the draft changes, or to stick to straight ITC in the meantime while it all gets sorted out. The result was a variety of desires to either cherry-pick rules, create new rules, use the draft as-is, or stay to straight ITC. 

Add this and remove this and use this and this and this but don't use this...

Get to the Point, Cap...

The SCGG 40k FAQ went through several different iterations - one that went on for over 5 pages - as we tried to keep up with everything and player requests. While the final result ended up clipping a large portion of that down, this was done out of a desire to cater to the desires of the most players. The result is deceptively short, as a great deal of work went into making it happen that ultimately didn't end up being used. If you don't feel you were given opportunity to have a voice, then you're wrong, and if it didn't go the way you wanted it to, that's because a larger number of players wanted it a different way. A big thank you to every player who contributed feedback. 

After extensive research and feedback from players and members of the local community, with priority given to people attending the games, we have decided to stick almost completely with the ITC FAQ. 

A large majority of players indicated that they would prefer to stick with the ITC format until the GW FAQ's come out with their final drafts.  All changes to the ITC FAQ will be listed in this article, though there are not many. While it would be nice to say that things should "settle down" in 40k, that is much more optimistic than what we can practically expect at this point. Any updates to the ITC FAQ via their quarterly polls will be used upon official release. Players are encouraged to stay informed and engaged with the ITC polls to be aware of any potential changes. 

With that out of the way, here is the SCGG Addendum to the ITC FAQ:

Salt City Gladiator Games Additional Rules Addendum for Warhammer 40k

This FAQ is meant to supplement the existing GW Errata and FAQ’s and builds on the ITC Eratta/FAQ published by Frontline Gaming. Changes made are based on a combination of playtesting, player feedback from the local area, and observations from extensive event planning, running, and participation both locally and at large national events. The intent of this supplement is to help make the game experience more enjoyable for a greater number of players that will be participating in SCGG.

*Items in this addendum that conflict with the ITC FAQ take precedence for playing in the Salt City Gladiator Games*

Army List Guidelines for 2016

  • Horus Heresy/30k Army Lists ARE ALLOWED in the Salt City Gladiator games 40k Championships and Narrative Events.
    • 30k lists may use the Age of Darkness force organization and any officially released Rites of War.
    • They may also use the Combined Arms Detachment (CAD) from the 7th Edition rulebook.
    • Horus Heresy/30k armies may only ally with other 30k army lists.
    • Per the Forge World FAQ, Units/characters with Implacable Advance will count as “objective secured” for 40k game purposes.
  • The restriction on 7” blasts that ignore cover has been modified to 10” blasts, so any weapons/units (including LOW)/upgrades that have 7” blasts that ignore cover are now allowed, but 10” blasts are not.

Death From the Skies

  • For ease of play and out of consideration of the round time constraints, the dogfight phase will not be used for the SCGG. Future events may incorporate this phase, so players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with it. Benefits for air superiority, break tests, flight patterns etc. shall be used as normal.
  • For Forge World flyers, as they have no stats or identifying characteristics (such as fighter, bomber, attack flyer etc.), players will need to send in the flyer that they wish to use to the TO via email, after which the TO will then contact Forge World regarding a ruling, and the TO will then send the results to the player. All FW fliers that players wish to use must be cleared in this fashion prior to permissible use at the SCGG.

Space Marine Psychic Powers

  • We will not be using the ITC recommended changes for the Space Marine Psychic powers, but applicable restrictions (such as a 2+ re-rollable save becomes a 2+/4+ etc.) will still apply.


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