SCGG 40k End Zone Qualifier Results

Hello Gladiators!

We had an awesome three rounds of gaming at End Zone Hobby Center as people were preparing for the SCGG or just coming to have a good time. A big thank you and shout-out to those who drove up from far away to attend the event. Here are a few pictures of the armies people were running:

The Xenos were out in force, with lots of Necrons and Tau coming to the field. It was nice to see some creative lists and interesting WIP conversions as people tested out their potential SCGG lists.


After some tough battles, the top placings were as follows:

Caden Humphreys - Renegade Knights/Necrons - 1st Place Prize
Ben Gabbert - Dark Angels/SM allies - 2nd Place Prize
Bryan Humpherys - Tau Empire - 3rd Place Prize

Unfortunately, we were 2 PEOPLE SHORT of being able to hand out free passes to Gladiator Games so we couldn't hand any of them out. The good news is we have 1 more practice event before the GT, so mark your calendars and come support the local events! Don't forget to get your tickets pre-ordered as well before time runs out!

Next Event:

Gajo Games SCGG Qualifier
June 25, 2016
10:00 AM Registration,
9420 S. Union Square
Sandy, UT 84070

Pre-registers on Facebook get to have input on format and event-specific FAQ's. Currently we are using the ITC Format. Come and get your ITC points!

Pre-register on Facebook at:

Hope to see you at the games! Email questions to SCGG or to

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