Demo Games

Take a break during your weekend at the Gladiator Games to try out new games for your enjoyment. The demos  for these games will be in the Open Play area throughout Saturday of the event.

Beyond the Gates of Antares
Beyond the Gates of Antares is a new Sci-Fi 28 mm skirmish wargame written by Rick Priestley. Game play makes use of the successful and exciting dice activation system first pioneered in Warlord’s popular Bolt Action WW2 wargame – ensuring that both sides remain active and engaged throughout every game. It's development to use ten-sided dice offers considerable expansion.

Horizon Wars
Take command! Lead a squadron of giant, stompy robots across the surface of a hostile world to defend your fragile colony against the depredations of a hostile foe. Horizon Wars is a combined arms game that allows you to use figures you already own!

Bolt Action
From the initial invasion of Europe to the closing days of the war in the the East, Bolt Action allows you to become the General you always wanted to be. Whether leading the unstoppable Blitzkreig Germans or Defending the motherland to the last man, Bolt Action allows you to play your way.

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