Building the Utah Scene - 40k Tournament Prep Season is Here!

Hey Gladiators!

We've had some awesome support from local stores this year as we get ready for the Salt City Gladiator Games 40k Championships. We've had TWO preparatory tournaments already at End Zone Hobby Center and at Blakfyre Games, and that's just the beginning! Here are some pics I got from End Zone's Tournament:

Is this awesome or what?!

Here are the results from the two tournaments:

End Zone Hobby Center:

1st Place: Chris Talley - Tau Empire
2nd Place: Zach Gill - Space Wolves
3rd Place: Jason Newsom - Chaos Space Marines

Blakfyre Games:

1st Place: Caden Humpherys - Necrons/Chaos Knight
2nd Place: Dave Johansen - Eldar/Corsairs
3rd Place: Rich Kilton - Orks

Congrats to the top 3 players at each tournament! Also an extra special congratulations to Caden Humpherys, as the tournament he won had 12 players, which earned him a free pass to the Salt City Gladiator Games!

It's great to see some new players coming to these events, and I hope to see more! Remember, that any prep tournament with 12 or more attendees will get the winner a free pass to SCGG, so get out there and support the community!

Upcoming Tournaments:

Don't worry, if you couldn't attend the last 2 tournaments, we have 2 more on the calendar. Here are the details! Click the link to sign up on the Facebook. Details and address information is there!

May 14, 2016 - End Zone Hobby Center

June 25, 2016 - Gajo Games

Keep your eyes peeled here on the SCGG blog for more details and updates on what's going on in 40k.  ~ Captain Morgan

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