Warmachine Hordes July 2016 Information

Friday - Team Grand Melee
Saturday - Utah Cup Steamroller
Sunday - Speedmachine
Sunday - Spelldraft
All weekend 8 man scramble events

The new Steamroller packet will come out at Lock & Load June 2016 and those will be the main rules.

All Weekend Scrambles - Can be played at different point levels as interest is shown.

Team Tourney - 
Team tournament 3-Man Teams (12 Team Limit)

Player 1 plays Player 1
Player 2 plays Player 2
Player 3 plays Player 3
One feat per team to change the matchups

Utah Cup Masters Format Steamroller - Will use 2 list

We are pleased to announce that the Utah Cup will be hosted by Gladiator Games On Saturday, July 16th. This will be the first major tournament for Warmachine/Hordes since the changeover to Mark III!

The Event will use standard 75pt Masters 2016 rules. We will have new hazards in play along with old terrain favorites.

Looking forward to you and your groups coming out to compete for the cup and glory! Not to mention your chance at prizes! Come and participate or come for the other events we will have all weekend long!

Gladiator Games will run from July 14-17th !

Remember that July 14th will be a free to play day and a player swap meet!


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