The Strife at Stulte - The Battle So Far...

Greetings, Gladiators!

The war for Stulte Mors is in full swing now, with heavy fighting all across the sector. Today's campaign bulletin is a two-fer (the last one was lost in the warp). The February battle was a rough loss for the forces of order. Heavy Xenos assault from the Tau and Orks decimated Imperial forces as they tried to hold on to the key power lines that protected the planets Void Shield Defenses. 

The next major offensive saw the Imperials launch a heavy counter-assault on the nearby moon that the forces of disorder had been using as a base and center of resupply. Heavy fighting ensued as several armies clashed over the supply drops sent to reinforce the Imperial Counter-assault. Despite heavy resistance, several Imperial detachments were able to make landfall and obtain the supplies needed to push the counter-offensive to the next stage.


Our next 40k Narrative Game day is going to be on Saturday April 30, 2016 at End Zone Hobby Center in Clearfield at 12:00 PM. Here is the address:


Here's what you need to have ready to participate:

  1. Visit and like their Facebook page for regular updates on the campaign and missions, which are updated every month by the crew at The whole story so far is written up so you can keep up on the story so far and what has happened in the battle over the Stulte System.
  2. Come prepared to play with at least 1500 points or more at SCGG Hosted Events, or with however many points you want/can on your own time.
  3. Play games and report results on the website and to the SCGG 40k Narrative Event Organizer at: - be sure to include your name, faction, mission, and whether it is a win/loss/tie when emailing results to the EO. 

With the basics out of the way, here are the particulars and some clarifications for people who would like to participate:

Details on the Character Progression System:

People who attend the monthly SCGG Hosted Campaign Day events will be able to create characters who progress throughout several consecutive missions. The characters created in this manner will be usable at the SCGG 2016 Narrative Event. We are using a system slightly modified out of the Forge World Horus Heresy Book 4: Conquest, and since not everyone has access to the book it is important for people to attend the game days so that the EO can track the heroes and provide guidance on the system.  This is purely optional and is intended to help expand on the fun, so don't feel like you have to do this if you do not want to.  The rules for character progression are as follows:

  • Characters can only be generated from non-unique, nameless HQ choices (i.e. Space Marine Captain, Eldar Autarch, Necron Overlord, Tyranid Hive Tyrant, etc.) from your codex or applicable faction available via Forge World or official GW Campaign Supplement (such as renegades and heretics, Death Corps of Krieg, 30k Crusade Army List, etc).
  • Choose a commander, a second-in-command (a different HQ type), and a third-in-command.
  • Characters killed in battle can die permanently depending on rolls on the death chart. Commanders who die are replaced by their second-in-command and a new third-in-command is chosen. This can occur indefinitely in the event that your commanders have a penchant for dying.
  • Your Commander must always be the warlord, and still pays for all wargear as normal, and can take relics as allowed in your codex or army list. 
  • You can still bring unique characters as part of your army list, but they cannot be your warlord and will not benefit from advancements on the character progression table. If a unique character is required to be your warlord, ignore that rule for the purposes of the campaign.

List Building for the Campaign

It is the objective of this campaign to be as fun and inclusive as possible to the many ways of playing 40k, which is why no "official" rules FAQ exists (aside from those published by GW) and we are not putting strict limitations or restrictions on army list compositions or acceptable source material, as long as it is the most recently published material by GW/FW. Horus Heresy units and army lists are all fair game as well.

That being said...

This is a narrative campaign. This is not the competitive 40k event where list-crafting the ultimate power combos and lists is the status quo (we have another event for that, which you are also welcome to join in on). This is designed around a story, and should be fun for both players who are seeking a more casual experience. With that in mind, have the courtesy to not bring the most face-punchingly horrible list you can imagine. There's nothing wrong with wanting to win or designing a list that you think will do good, but be mindful of that when being paired up with someone who might be a newer player or less interested in the competitive side of the game. Build your army to fit your narrative.

If you want to bring a hard-as-nails list and you know someone else who wants to do that as well, you are perfectly OK to arrange that fight between the two of you as your campaign game. Don't be a poor sport by shoving people's faces in the mud who are there to have a good time and who didn't bring a list with the hardcore tournament gamer frame of mind.

On the other side, as there are so many ways to build a list and play armies nowadays, don't be down on other players for trying out their favorite formations or bringing their favorite models. By putting your models on the table you are accepting the risk that you might have to pick them up, sometimes faster than others. Nobody wins 100% of their games, and some armies just struggle against others in the current state of the game. In all cases, lets just be mature and remember that this is a game. The attitude you bring to the table will influence everyone's good time, and good sports will be recognized...

Does your army have to be painted?

No, there is not a painting requirement to participate, but it is HIGHLY encouraged as it makes for a more cinematic experience. We are currently deciding on  awarding some special prizes for people who do have painted armies, or for people who paint their armies during the course of the campaign themed off of campaign events. We want to encourage and reward painting, but not discourage everyone from coming and having a good time.

For additional information about the campaign, please contact us here at our blog (via comment or email) or email the EO at:

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