Community Growth Program

"Are you going to the Gladiator Games?"

That question is something I ask each time I play someone and it really is a twofold statement. Yes, we would love to see our event grow each year but mainly I ask that question because I enjoyed playing the game. 

Community growth was the first bullet when we set out to create the Gladiator Games. We wanted a neutral place where everyone can come together, play the games they enjoy, tell amazing stories with their buddies, and meet new friends. That is something we strive to do each event but that also extends to events year round. 

Going to a tournament event, like the Gladiator Games, is just one step on a journey as a player. It first begins when you're playing with your friend's house; building up the perfect list while talking strategies and tactics. From there you can that list to the weekly play night at your local store. The list might not be perfect but you gain experience of play and try to test out new units. Store tournaments culminate the growth by allowing you to get multiple games in a single day. By the time you make it to the Gladiator Games you'll have learned everything there is to know about your list. Even our event is a mere stepping stone to larger tournaments (Adepticon, LVO, Gen Con).

What does that all mean?

To have a great experience at tournaments requires a lot of practice and trying new things. Ask your store if they are hosting a prep tournament for Gladiator Games. Tell your friends that you want to see them there. Remember that all important question, "Are you going to the Gladiator Games?" 

Community Growth Program

Salt City Gladiator Games is always looking to grow the local communities and help support our local stores. Contrary to some The Gladiator Games is not out to steal money from store owners. Supporting our event helps to build the overall community and keep stores in business. 
  • Open to any store that would like to host a prep tournament for any of the game systems we have listed on our event schedule
  • Tournaments with 12+ players at the store events are qualified for a free Weekend Pass prize to the top player
  • Events will be shared on our Facebook page
  • Store signs and flyers can be provided upon request
  • Any further questions please email us at

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