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Thank you all who participated in our event and took our survey. We will use these results to better the convention next year. We always look forward to seeing your input and will strive our best to fix any mistakes our community has brought up. If you have anymore thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or would like to help volunteer please email us at

 We'll see you again in July 2016!

For Warmachine events would you prefer them to be qualifying events that feed into a Masters event?

Not a real real game.

Dont care, tournament was difficult because so many people no showed the 2nd day.

I think that while steps were made in the right direction you should not have alternating warmachine events happening at once. It takes away from the events as a whole especially where spots were given for masters in those events.

The Warmacine Master's Event on Sunday lacked participation. This was problem was probably because it was on a Sunday.

The number of events was good, but having some early Friday events like Super Dungeon Explore or Knight Fights, something shorter but fun.

Great Com lads


Too many flies buzzing around and the hard concrete makes standing a long time painful.

Open space was nice. Only concern was the amount of flies toward the later days of the convention. Either someone needs to keep up on garbage detail or keep the doors closed.

its not a bad place to have a tournament. It has tons of space and room but maybe pushing the event a little south. Maybe the Southtown expo center or something similar if the price is within reason. I think having the event this far north is putting a lot of players off from the Slc area where the majority of 40k players are at.

Better than last year.

The room was constantly full of flies. It was very annoying.

On Sunday, the final day of gaming, the flies became horrible since both doors were open for cleanup. It was a touch warm.

Staff was great as usual. Trevor was excellent in calling out mu name during the prize drawings.

Those sexy beasts!

One guy I can't Rember his name drove me to the bus stop after the tournament. It was really helpful and appericiated

Prizes were great. Lots of stuff to choose from. I'd like to see a bigger selection of things you could use regardless of the game you play. Tourney trays. Carrying bags. Hobby items. Things like that.

For winning Masters I took home...A trophy. A VERY nice trophy that I really like, but a trophy. Meanwhile, someone who wasn't even in the top three took home a brand new Warmachine bag. That rankled.

1st 2nd and 3rd prize support for 40k.

For the 40k tournament all of the prizes were raffled. There was very little incentive to do well in the tournament, the only thing to go for was first place. I feel people that did well should at least get something small like a gift card or a pack of bases. There was a rule that required you to have a three color minimum or you wouldn't be eligible for prize support. Yet there were a couple people there with some unpainted models that were just as eligible as someone with a fully painted army. Someone with unpainted models even won something.

I played in the 40k Tournament and there was no prize support (I do not consider a raffle that anyone can enter into, even if they are not playing in that specific tournament, to be prize support). From what I saw and heard, every other game had the raffle in addition to regular prize support. I understand that many of the distributors and game companies are more willing to provide prize support then Games Workshop may be, but available prizes was not really the issue. The issue was how they were distributed. Winning a raffle does not give you a sense of accomplishment; all you did was randomly get drawn for putting a ticket in a box. I personally feel that you should have, if the raffle prizes were all you had, not done a raffle and instead allowed people to go pick a prize based on standings at the end. Even if I was in last place and all that was left for me to pick was a $10 pack of custom bases, at least I would have felt that I was getting something for participating; that I had accomplished something. Instead I was left with a terrible taste in my mouth and very little desire to return next year. Seriously, I can't express enough how surprised I was when there was no prizes at the end of the tournament. You had an entire table full of 40k prizes that you raffled. You couldn't have at least put three of them aside to give to first, second, and third? I loved the tournament and felt that it was well put on, but again, I will not be coming back next year if nothing has changed in this regard.

Herding gamers is like herding cats. It's not easy. That said events started late somewhat routenly. I'd suggest bumping up the listed start time by 30 minutes.

It was much better than last year. I think you guys did an excellent job organizing everything.

the tables could use a little more terrain, it was soooooo much better than last year. It wasn't bad but it can be improved. Thanks again so much for all the hard work you guys put into the events.

Qualifying for Master's in another event didn't really matter. Possibly run smaller less important events (Who's the Boss, Speed Machine, and Steamroller on Sunday) and more important events the first two days.

My only complaint is about the categories for the painting competition: medium and large models were lumped together, which isn't really fair to either category as the levels of detail and craftmanship vary greatly. Also, there were categories that were promised and then not available, such as diorama, which some of the large models fell into. I think that the judging would be more fair if the categories didn't try to cover so much and were more specific.

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