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Hello Gladiators!

Captain Morgan here, and now that the dust has settled after the SCGG 40k event, I thought that I would take the time to put out there how awesome the event was.  We had some really good players, the best painted armies at the SCGG, and some nailbiter games that culminated in the best SCGG 40k event we've had yet.  Granted, we are only in year two, but it was encouraging to see the number of attendees up and the energy high! Without further ado, lets get to the recap!

40k Narrative Event - Captain Showdown!

For the 40k narrative event we had 10 players, so we had volunteer captains choose their teammates so that there were two teams of five people.  At the start of each round, one would pick a table and the other would put their choice of who would be matched up.  Depending on the wins/losses/ties, the Captain would get some options for a bonus that their team could use on the table, but at the cost of their overall campaign points.  This was a simple set of games with three rounds, culminating in a showdown between the two team captains.  Here are a couple pictures from the narrative event:

The 40k Amateur Hour trench table of DOOOM!!

During the final round, the Captains had a battle against each other in the trench table graciously provided by the guys over at 40k Amateur Hour.  In an appropriately narratively themed match, Sammael and the Ravenwing took on some more "Fallen" themed Dark Angels.  Sammael was able to carry the day, but don't tell him I know their secret.... ;)  Here are the awards:

Best Captain: Ben Gabbert (DA Ravenwing) - Gold Trophy
Winning Team MVP: Darrin Clarke (BA Drop Pods) - Silver Trophy
Losing Team MVP: Bryan Humphries (Tau) - Bronze Trophy

Our winners, arranged by... height?
We are already working on new ideas for next year's narrative event, and are hoping to make it bigger and better with more of a theme and story, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

40k ITC 2-Day Competitive Event

This was the bread and butter 40k event, and I have to say that I was really impressed with the armies, players, and overall experience.  Not only did we see some really tough lists, we also saw some new players and nearly doubled last year's attendance with only one drop between the two days.  For me, as an attendee of the event last year, I was very happy to see a great turnout and the biggest complaint I had was that I didn't get to play in it, though someone did let me play my ringer army during one round so I could get a fix for my dice addiction :)

Here is a list of the players and their factions:

Player Name Player Army
Bryan Humphries Tau
Caden Humphries Necron
Zach Gill Necron
Christian Bernfeld White Scars
Thomas Hegstrom White Scars
Dave J Eldar
Wes Hall Orks
Andrew Ford Eldar
Eric Peterson Eldar
Sean Yeates Cult Mech
Adrian Sanders Eldar
Bjorn Ultramarines
Shane Smith Vylka Fenryka
Tyler McLam Black Templars
Trent Baxter Necrons
Darrin Clarke Blood Angels
Chris Talley Tau
Ben Gabbert Dark Angels
Borf Dark Angels
Caitlin Chaos SM
Ash Palmer Tau/SM

Using the ITC format, we held 6 games over two days (3 rounds a day) and I had a great time going around and seeing the interesting lists, moves, and terrain that was there are the games.  The way the ITC format scores allows for a "Best General" award to the player with the highest points, "Renaissance Man" which is a combination of your paint score (judged on a 1-11) and your accumulated mission points, and finally the "Best Appearance" award goes to the best painted army.

Here are some of the pics and highlights from the event:

Gladius Strike Force was in here to stay at this weekend's event

Shayne Smith brought an awesome army of Space Wolves that faced off against Scat-pack Eldar in the opening rounds

The "Borks" (Blue Orcs) Face off against the Ultramarines in a color-appropriate matchup

Black Templars vs. some time-lost Emperor's Children

Yo dawg, I heard you like drop pods...

Mechanicus Battle Convocation facing off against Eldar

We may need more space next year...

Two of the most kill-point intensive armies face off in round 2

Sammael hunting down some Blood Ravens

Borks vs. Eldar

One of tghe best looking matchups of the games

Ork Bikes vs. Eldar Bikes

Gunline Tau with a Void Shield Generator (Most hated model of the games)

Contrary to popular belief, SCGG was not held in Moab this year

Necronverted Eldar and IKnights.  The best conversion at the games

You take the high road, I take the low road...

Round 5 top 2 players matching up. 

This was easily the biggest nailbiter of the games

Red vs. Blue

GSF vs. Battle Convocation

Battle Convocation was definitely a powerhouse list

Letting the dogs out (you know I had to do that joke at least once)

Blood Ravens vs. Eldar

There were some strong comers to this year's SCGG 40k event.  Gladius Strike Force had a strong showing with 2 of the top three lists being a variation on the GSF theme.  In the end, it was last year's champion, Chris Talley, with his Void Shield Tau list that scraped out a win again this year.  At the end of round 5 a total of four players were in contention for the top spot.  Here were the final scores for all players at the end of round 6:

Player Name Total Score
Chris Talley 5552
Thomas Hegstrom 5056
Christian Bernfeld 4542
Adrian Sanders 4042
Sean Yeates 4038
Bjorn 4025
Andrew Ford 3541
Eric Peterson 3532
Dave J 3041
Shane Smith 3039
Ben Gabbert 3036
Tyler McLam 3033
Caden Humpherys 2536
Ash Palmer 2513
Trent Baxter 2029
Zach Gill 2023
Darrin Clarke 2020
Wes Hall 1519
Caitlin 1016
Borf 1011

A big congratulations to all the winners and a SUPER huge thank you to everyone who showed up and had a great time.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of players who were very low-maintenance and made my job as a TO better.  Not only were the scores for Best General very close at the end, the Renaissance Man award was within 1 point for the winner.  If that tells me anything, it says that the quality of the armies and the players were closely aligned for this year's games.  Here are the winners and their trophies:

Best General: Chris Talley (VSG Tau)

Renaissance Man: Andrew Ford (Necdar/Necknights)

Tyler Mclam's Stand-in for "Best Appearance" (Black Templar SM)
 Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to all the players and everyone who helped make this year a great success.  We are looking into ways to make next year EVEN BETTER so watch out for more stuff on next year's games.  Also, keep an eye out in the coming weeks for spotlights on all the winners and some list highlights from the participants, as well as tactica analysis.

40k players for 2015 SCGG
Until we meet again on the battlefields of the 41st milennium...

~Captain Morgan

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