Store Highlight: End Zone

This week, I had the chance to interview John Irsik, owner and manager of End Zone Hobby Center in Clearfield, Utah. 

Me (Jason) :  "So John, what got you into the game store business?"

John:  "My late brother Bob started up a store back around 2000, and he pulled me along with him.  I started up a location in Bountiful, and as it grew, I started up multiple stores throughout the valley.  After a bit of that, it became hard to run each of the stores, so I consolidated all of them to this one location in Clearfield."

Jason : "I see you have a lot of varieties of games here--any particular reason why?"

John:  "I felt the need to branch out to many game systems, in order to run an effective business."

Jason:  "Are there any games you enjoy playing now?"

John: "Unfortunately I have not had much time to play lately.  I used to play a lot more, and I loved it.  I still have a fully-painted Warmachine army, and a 40k army.  I loved creating terrain for the miniatures war games.  I loved the social time and playing just for fun.  But managing the store has become more time-consuming, and I also find myself spending more time with my family as of late."

Jason:  "Is there anything you would like to add?"

John:  "We would love to get the communities to grow more.  I would encourage players to come in and just have some fun"

John has a double-store complex adjacent to each other.  One store space houses the board games, comics, sports memorabilia, toys, etc.  While the other store specializes in the miniatures war games, card games, gaming tables with terrain, and a card table area.

The communities and game systems that are currently bringing in players:
  • Warhammer 40k -- This one has always been a regular staple at End Zone.  Tuesday nights are the official game nights for this system.
  • Warmachine/Hordes – Thursday evenings.
  • Star Wars Attack-wing – A lot of new players are getting into this one--while no official night has been established yet, be sure to stop by to find some players and arrange some games.
  • Star Trek Attack-wing--Some players have been expressing interest in this particular flavor.  Come on by to arrange a game or two and meet the players.
  • Hero Clix—played Friday nights, soon to be Wednesday nights.

John has always had a love of creating terrain. He has taken a lot of time to perfect his techniques, which get a lot of attention.  Next time you stop by, take a look at some of his masterpieces--a lot of TLC goes into making many of his terrain pieces.

133 South State Street
Clearfield, UT


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