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Hello there 40k gamers!

With the games coming up soon, and with the rapid release schedule that has been going on for 40k for the last 2 years plus, it's easy to get lost in all of the new releases and rules.  As it has been since the beginning with 40k, there are situations that come up in the game that don't have an answer ready in the rulebook.  In a casual game, this is sometimes pretty easy to resolve as two people get together and do a spot ruling at the table and can settle most disagreements with a dice-off.  At a competitive event where games are timed and consistency is key, some extra effort has to go in to making it as clear, easy, and straightforward as possible.  

Where the SCGG is an ITC event, we have a great opportunity to look at a very detailed and considered FAQ that the ITC Staff have put out to help clarify the game.  Some of these changes are made for clarification purposes, and some of them are outright changes to the rules made for balance reasons, but even the most benign changes have a strong influence on game balance.   With that in mind, I would like to remind everyone to take some time to review the ITC format for putting together army lists, and the ITC FAQ to look at what specific changes and fixes have been applied to the general ruleset, and your army in particular.  

We have the links on the SCGG 40k event page, but I have also attached the links to the pages where you can find this information here:

While these are great resources, there are situations and questions that you may have for your book, or for items that they just haven't been able to address yet.  For this event in particular, I want to stay consistent but also address player concerns.

In that spirit, if you have questions about your book or something you'd like to see FAQ'd, please feel free to shoot me an email asking the question and I will respond.  If I get enough questions, I will publish them in an article later this month. Here are the ground rules for asking an FAQ question:

1. Don't send me questions asking to change rules that already have an FAQ on the ITC page.  Where some players may be travelling for this event, consistency is an important part of delivering a good experience.

2. The nerf bat is behind glass and only to be broken out in emergencies.  The banhammer is behind a 2-key security system.  Translation: I won't be banning or nerfing anything just because you ask me to.  I am happy to go over concerns and have a reasonable dialog about it, however, and offer advice and tools to help you deal with whatever it is you're worried about.

3. As the TO, I will strive my hardest to deliver consistent rulings across the board.  That may mean making a decision that you do not agree with, though not without good reason and fair consideration.  Accept right now that for the sake of the event running smoothly, rulings that I make will be as fair, unbiased, consistent, and very very final.

4.  Please have all rules questions submitted no later than 08/15/2015.

5.  As of right now, this applies only to the competitive event.  

6.  If you want to be eligible for prize support, your miniatures must be painted to a three color minimum.  Primer counts as a color.  I will not be budging on this policy.

With that out of the way, please feel free to send your questions to:

When a question is submitted, I will respond via email and make a clear Q&A style answer.  Keep a copy of the email in case your potential opponent has questions.  I will be keeping track of questions that I answer, so if you make up that I said something or alter the text of my email in any way, you will be disqualified from the event.   This is a competitive event, but we are still playing a game and the idea is for everyone - including your opponent - to have a good time. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.  I will publish the full gamut of questions answered on 08/16/2015 so that everyone should be able to reference it.

With that business out of the way, I hope that everyone is getting stoked for the event and getting your armies all painted up for a fun day of gaming!  

'til we meet again on the battlefields of the 41st millenium!
~ Captain Morgan

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