Open Play and Visitor Passes

Hello Gladiators!

Only 10 days left until our 2nd Annual Gladiator Games. This will be an exciting time for all those in our tournament events. Are you one of those that play a different game not listed on our roster or just looking to see the fun while waiting for a friend? For those we have the Visitor Passes.

Visitor Passes will allow anyone to come and check our event. Though this pass will not allow you to participate in any of the tournaments it will allow you to be able to explore everything happening in our Open Play area. We'll have extra tables setup in this area for anyone who'd like to use them (first come first serve). Come and bring any games you'd like to play and invite your friends too.

We look forward to seeing you at the Gladiator Games!

August 21-23
Purchase tickets  here. Any questions please contact us at

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