MOAR! MOAR!!! Prize support and sweetness from our supporters

We are excited to show you the prize support Hajomaje Games and Comics is giving away!
Please visit their stores in Kaysville and tell them thank you!
(12 south main street, Kaysville, Utah, 801-544-2899

Looks like the 40K guys will have something to fight for!
Speaking of 40K we will have Gamer's Asylum not only giving away prizes at the event, but also sponsoring a 40K table! What that means is anytime you get paired on that table expect a specific objective to come into play for prizes! and each round will be different! They will also be there supporting 40k with prizes and a storefront!
Go visit Gamers in Ogden or give them a call and ask for BattleToads:

and finally we will have Demolition Games at our event, sponsoring Warmachine tables and giving us a grip of Warmachine related prizes! they too will have a storefront operating and will be there for all your Warmachine needs.
they are located in SLC on 85 W 3300 S  or call them @ 385-229-4739

the other companies we would like to thank for their support:
Geek Garage
Shark Mounted Lasers
Ninja Divison
Cool Mini Or Not
Widget Wizards
Systema Gaming
Chain Attack
Close 2 UR heart Boutique
and Many more that have devoted their time, or their Product to our event, 
We couldn't do it without you

Get ready only 1 day left until the games Begin!

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