Painting Masterclass: Ashton Holbrook AKA Red Modeling Painting

Famed painter, Ashton Holbrook of Red Modeling Painting will be coming into town to host a one day painting seminar.

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (MDT)
Location: Gamers Asylum
                2671 Washington Boulevard
                Ogden, UT 84401
Cost: $65
Spots are limited to 15.
The 8 to 10 hour class covers the following
· Light Theory
· Color Theory
· Painting Techniques (2 Brush Blending, Glazes, Washes, Wet Blending)
· Airbrush Basics
· Using a Wet Pallet
· Weathering Powders
· Oil Paints
· An MUCH more!

Suggested items to bring to the class (miniature provided in cost)

Paper towels
Airbrush and compressor
Hobby lights
Pin vice
Note pad and pen
Rinsing cup
Your preferred tool for holding your mini

Book your spot today! 

Questions can be directed to Ashton, or Dan at

Gladiator Games Was Great

Thank you to all of our participants that came to play, view and carry on during our 3 days.
We really enjoyed the people and the Tournaments.

We look forward to next year's events, but don't be sad about us, we have plenty of more going on between then and now!

Look forward to us going around the Wasatch Front playing demos, running tournaments and providing special guests at stores.
We will be in and out all over trying to plant the seed of war wherever we go, so if you would like us at your event or helpo support it shoot us a line and let us know,we will be sure to yell your battle cry.

Once again, Thank you all we wouldn't do it without you!

Last Day to do a little Murder..

Our games are wrapping up today, remember to stop by to check out Zombicide, Super Dungeon explorer or The Undercity.
We will have Warmachine, 40k and Malifaux events today and many many drawings for cool prizes from our vendors.
We look forward to seeing you at the final day of our games

40K, IMC, INFINITY, All going on now!

The hounds of war are loose today as some of our largest events are going on today for several of the games.

Games start at 10AM and we will go through midnight, we will have high competition along with easy going fun styles of play.
Also check out our tournaments and games of Dark age and Malifaux
We will see you here!


The Games will start at 10AM today!

Please join us for some tasty war and devastation!
We will have open play areas for the non-tournament style players and competition galore for the heavy hitters.
All will be waiting for you.
Even though registration is closed you may still come by and register at the door anytime after 9AM, so rustle up some loose change and come by to win some great prizes and meet some fantastic players.
Friday prices at the door:
5 dollars for Open Play only
10 Dollars for tournament and Open Play
(tournament play is the only way to win great prizes)

We will have vendors there to help with your every gaming need, 
We hope to see you! 

MOAR! MOAR!!! Prize support and sweetness from our supporters

We are excited to show you the prize support Hajomaje Games and Comics is giving away!
Please visit their stores in Kaysville and tell them thank you!
(12 south main street, Kaysville, Utah, 801-544-2899

Looks like the 40K guys will have something to fight for!
Speaking of 40K we will have Gamer's Asylum not only giving away prizes at the event, but also sponsoring a 40K table! What that means is anytime you get paired on that table expect a specific objective to come into play for prizes! and each round will be different! They will also be there supporting 40k with prizes and a storefront!
Go visit Gamers in Ogden or give them a call and ask for BattleToads:

and finally we will have Demolition Games at our event, sponsoring Warmachine tables and giving us a grip of Warmachine related prizes! they too will have a storefront operating and will be there for all your Warmachine needs.
they are located in SLC on 85 W 3300 S  or call them @ 385-229-4739

the other companies we would like to thank for their support:
Geek Garage
Shark Mounted Lasers
Ninja Divison
Cool Mini Or Not
Widget Wizards
Systema Gaming
Chain Attack
Close 2 UR heart Boutique
and Many more that have devoted their time, or their Product to our event, 
We couldn't do it without you

Get ready only 1 day left until the games Begin!

2 days before the games

We have many more sponsors and prizes to give out .
We have several stores that will be there to cater to your nerdy needs.
We have some stellar trophies to award.
Only two days before it begins.
Last day to preregister.

Get your tickets today  before its too late!

A few prizes from our Sponsors

We have a grip of Prizes to unload on you studs, and we have all our sponsors to thank!

Here is a smattering of the stuff you will be there to win....

 Brought to you by Kegbearerminiatures
 Brought to you by Privateer Press
 Brought to you by Endzone Cards and Comics
Brought to you by Gladiator Games (Personal Donation)

There is a crap load more, this is just a taste, tune in tomorrow to see more stuff and above all else, make sure to buy tix:

The games will begin on Friday, be ready!

40k Things to Remember (Well, more like 5...)

Hello Gladiators!

The games are now less than a week away, so I hope you have your lists prepared and your armies painted and ready for a good bout of 40k games.

With that in mind, I wanted to send out a quick reminder for everyone to make sure that people don't forget some important things for the 40k event, and some general tips and tricks for making sure you don't end up panicking over lost or forgotten things that you need.  Let's start off with a list of things, shall we?

1. Remember to bring your army

This sounds easy, right?  It's the most fundamental part of playing a game.  Even so, you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget that important character or squad that you need as part of your list.  Have your list prepared and settled on well in advance.  The night before the event, get your army list out and lay out all of the models that you will be using.  Count them over and over and make sure you have everything you need ready to go, then pack every single one of them away for the games the next day.  Count them all again and check them off your army list as you get them put away.

2. Have a fast/simple storage method

You guys will be playing 6 games of 40k in two days, which means you'll be carting around your models between tables quite a bit.  Having a quick and effective way of packing and transporting models is crucial not only for the sake of your own organization and ease of transport, but also helps the games go smoothly.  You'll need to be able to set up and put away models quickly between rounds.  This is especially crucial for armies with high model counts.  Taking too long to set up and move your models can lead to sportsmanship issues.  If you are not getting past game turn 3 on each of your games, then that will cause an issue. Be proactive and put models removed from play away right away instead of in a dead pile on the table. Some players go so far as to create custom transport and display boards.  This is not required, but is highly encouraged.  You want to spend more time playing than setting up, right?

3. Have your Game Aids Ready

Game aids, such as the main rulebook, codicies, dataslates, and reference materials (FAQ's) are an absolute must.  You will need your own tape measure, dice, templates, and any other tools you need specifically for your army (wound markers, etc) available and ready to go.  If you have a unit, detachment, or formation in your army list, then you must have the rules available to reference at any time.  Memorizing, while easy on your luggage, will not be enough because you must be able to get it out and show your opponent if there is a question on rules.  If you don't have the rules, then you can't use it on the table.  Digital copies are fine, though we do not encourage the use of pirated materials.

4. Objective Markers

SCGG is working to have some objective markers ready for the games, but if we run out due to attendance then have 3 25mm objectives and 2 40mm objectives ready to pull out and use.  Having big or special dice for use in identifying numbered objectives (unless you want to pre-number them, which is also fine) is useful as well.

5. 7 Typed Copies of Your Army List

This is very important.  You need a copy of your army list typed up (not handwritten) and be able to provide a copy for the TO at registration and one for each of your opponents to look over an review.  At registration, the TO will be reviewing your list to make sure it complies with the ITC format.  Lists that are found to be illegal will not be allowed at the games.  Personally, I recommend using programs like Army Builder or Battlescribe to generate your list.  Keep it simple and easy to understand, and turn off unnecessary tooltips.  If you want to have a more complicated list full of stats/tooltips for yourself, then that's fine, but the lists for the TO and your opponents should be easy to understand so you can get to gaming with little delay.  If your opponent has specific questions on unit types/stats, then have your rulebook/dataslate ready to show them.

That just about sums it up!  I hope you guys are geared up and ready for a good time!  This is going to be an exciting couple of days of gaming.

'Til we meet again on the battlefields of the 41st milennium

Captain Morgan

Store Highlight: End Zone

This week, I had the chance to interview John Irsik, owner and manager of End Zone Hobby Center in Clearfield, Utah. 

Me (Jason) :  "So John, what got you into the game store business?"

John:  "My late brother Bob started up a store back around 2000, and he pulled me along with him.  I started up a location in Bountiful, and as it grew, I started up multiple stores throughout the valley.  After a bit of that, it became hard to run each of the stores, so I consolidated all of them to this one location in Clearfield."

Jason : "I see you have a lot of varieties of games here--any particular reason why?"

John:  "I felt the need to branch out to many game systems, in order to run an effective business."

Jason:  "Are there any games you enjoy playing now?"

John: "Unfortunately I have not had much time to play lately.  I used to play a lot more, and I loved it.  I still have a fully-painted Warmachine army, and a 40k army.  I loved creating terrain for the miniatures war games.  I loved the social time and playing just for fun.  But managing the store has become more time-consuming, and I also find myself spending more time with my family as of late."

Jason:  "Is there anything you would like to add?"

John:  "We would love to get the communities to grow more.  I would encourage players to come in and just have some fun"

John has a double-store complex adjacent to each other.  One store space houses the board games, comics, sports memorabilia, toys, etc.  While the other store specializes in the miniatures war games, card games, gaming tables with terrain, and a card table area.

The communities and game systems that are currently bringing in players:
  • Warhammer 40k -- This one has always been a regular staple at End Zone.  Tuesday nights are the official game nights for this system.
  • Warmachine/Hordes – Thursday evenings.
  • Star Wars Attack-wing – A lot of new players are getting into this one--while no official night has been established yet, be sure to stop by to find some players and arrange some games.
  • Star Trek Attack-wing--Some players have been expressing interest in this particular flavor.  Come on by to arrange a game or two and meet the players.
  • Hero Clix—played Friday nights, soon to be Wednesday nights.

John has always had a love of creating terrain. He has taken a lot of time to perfect his techniques, which get a lot of attention.  Next time you stop by, take a look at some of his masterpieces--a lot of TLC goes into making many of his terrain pieces.

133 South State Street
Clearfield, UT


Open Play and Visitor Passes

Hello Gladiators!

Only 10 days left until our 2nd Annual Gladiator Games. This will be an exciting time for all those in our tournament events. Are you one of those that play a different game not listed on our roster or just looking to see the fun while waiting for a friend? For those we have the Visitor Passes.

Visitor Passes will allow anyone to come and check our event. Though this pass will not allow you to participate in any of the tournaments it will allow you to be able to explore everything happening in our Open Play area. We'll have extra tables setup in this area for anyone who'd like to use them (first come first serve). Come and bring any games you'd like to play and invite your friends too.

We look forward to seeing you at the Gladiator Games!

August 21-23
Purchase tickets  here. Any questions please contact us at

SCGG FAQ and Rules Question Policy

Hello there 40k gamers!

With the games coming up soon, and with the rapid release schedule that has been going on for 40k for the last 2 years plus, it's easy to get lost in all of the new releases and rules.  As it has been since the beginning with 40k, there are situations that come up in the game that don't have an answer ready in the rulebook.  In a casual game, this is sometimes pretty easy to resolve as two people get together and do a spot ruling at the table and can settle most disagreements with a dice-off.  At a competitive event where games are timed and consistency is key, some extra effort has to go in to making it as clear, easy, and straightforward as possible.  

Where the SCGG is an ITC event, we have a great opportunity to look at a very detailed and considered FAQ that the ITC Staff have put out to help clarify the game.  Some of these changes are made for clarification purposes, and some of them are outright changes to the rules made for balance reasons, but even the most benign changes have a strong influence on game balance.   With that in mind, I would like to remind everyone to take some time to review the ITC format for putting together army lists, and the ITC FAQ to look at what specific changes and fixes have been applied to the general ruleset, and your army in particular.  

We have the links on the SCGG 40k event page, but I have also attached the links to the pages where you can find this information here:

While these are great resources, there are situations and questions that you may have for your book, or for items that they just haven't been able to address yet.  For this event in particular, I want to stay consistent but also address player concerns.

In that spirit, if you have questions about your book or something you'd like to see FAQ'd, please feel free to shoot me an email asking the question and I will respond.  If I get enough questions, I will publish them in an article later this month. Here are the ground rules for asking an FAQ question:

1. Don't send me questions asking to change rules that already have an FAQ on the ITC page.  Where some players may be travelling for this event, consistency is an important part of delivering a good experience.

2. The nerf bat is behind glass and only to be broken out in emergencies.  The banhammer is behind a 2-key security system.  Translation: I won't be banning or nerfing anything just because you ask me to.  I am happy to go over concerns and have a reasonable dialog about it, however, and offer advice and tools to help you deal with whatever it is you're worried about.

3. As the TO, I will strive my hardest to deliver consistent rulings across the board.  That may mean making a decision that you do not agree with, though not without good reason and fair consideration.  Accept right now that for the sake of the event running smoothly, rulings that I make will be as fair, unbiased, consistent, and very very final.

4.  Please have all rules questions submitted no later than 08/15/2015.

5.  As of right now, this applies only to the competitive event.  

6.  If you want to be eligible for prize support, your miniatures must be painted to a three color minimum.  Primer counts as a color.  I will not be budging on this policy.

With that out of the way, please feel free to send your questions to:

When a question is submitted, I will respond via email and make a clear Q&A style answer.  Keep a copy of the email in case your potential opponent has questions.  I will be keeping track of questions that I answer, so if you make up that I said something or alter the text of my email in any way, you will be disqualified from the event.   This is a competitive event, but we are still playing a game and the idea is for everyone - including your opponent - to have a good time. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.  I will publish the full gamut of questions answered on 08/16/2015 so that everyone should be able to reference it.

With that business out of the way, I hope that everyone is getting stoked for the event and getting your armies all painted up for a fun day of gaming!  

'til we meet again on the battlefields of the 41st millenium!
~ Captain Morgan