WYSIWYG and Three Colors Encouraged

With little more than a month before the Gladiator Games there are a few things to consider when finishing up your perfect lists for play. 

1. WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”)


Take pride fielding well balanced and thematic forces that are fun to play against and a challenge to overcome. Options can vary but never play with items that cannot be accurately represented on the table with your collection. WYSIWYG is very important to miniature gaming. Outside of sportsmanship and having fun, playing with models that actually represent the units on the table is critical to the enjoyment of all involved.

"The golden rule of converting models for tournament play is simply this: If the EO cannot independently, easily, and accurately determine which model your conversion represents, the model is not tournament legal." [cite]

2. Three Color Minimum

Most large events for tabletop wargames have a painting requirement to compete. Given that painting is half of the hobby we enjoy some of us cringe and slapping paint on a whole battalion. Though nothing beats throwing down against a painted army and having one that's painted too. Bare plastic and pewter don't make well for event photos so we're stressing that everyone take some time and slap some paint on your minis! 

Painted armies will get scored higher in sportsmanship points than barebones so that is something to consider. 

3. Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is handled with a Thumb’s Up, Thumbs Down format. Default games to a Thumbs Up from both players.
If your opponent was acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, which we define as being verbally abusive, physically aggressive, was more than 15 minutes late for a round, or knowingly cheated on a rule, you are free to give him or her a Thumbs Down on sports. This rule does not exist to express displeasure in a game because you didn’t like your opponent, your opponent’s army, or you had rules debates, etc.
A player that receives two or more Thumbs Down on Sportsmanship will be met with administrative action up to and including ejection from the event with no refund of the ticket cost. [cite]

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