Store Highlight: KegBearer Miniatures

From Brian S. of KegBearer Miniatures:

"I find that having an interesting and well-done base theme for a model adds a tremendous amount to the overall quality of a miniature. I provide scenic bases so gamers and hobbyists have creative options for finishing out their miniatures without spending the extra hours or breaking the bank.
Similarly, the tabletop gaming experience is enhanced by having dynamic and visually appealing terrain features. I endeavor to make terrain that looks good and still facilitates easy placement of models during a game.
The bases and terrain can be ordered from my Etsy Store. If there is a theme that I don't have or a size of base that I don't carry, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to work something out.
In addition to high quality basing and terrain, Keg Bearer Miniatures is also available to do commission painting of miniatures.  For details or a price quote please send an email so your specific painting needs can be met."

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