About the Co-founder....

Hi All! My Name is Trever and I don't know if you know me or how I helped conceive Gladiator Games but I want to enlighten a few at least.
First of all, the Picture above is me during my darker days, drug runner and ... oh wait. that's not me at all. I look a lot like that except Bald, fatter, older and no movie star looks... darn. A man can dream...
But seriously, I conceived this idea of a large Utah event with a few other founders as we discussed what we liked about the table top games we love and  pour constant time into.
I love the competitive play! I love the sportmanship of fun players, I love the art and hobby aspect of it.
Wouldn't it be great for Utah to host a large event dedicated to everything we love? And to that end Gladiator Games was born.
I haven't done this alone, I have had a great team behind me sharing this dream and keeping us on task, what was once just a yearly event is morphed into a year long support group dedicated to our sponsors and games that have dedicated time and resources to this event.
I am always concerned about fair play and sportsmanship, they are key and we are committed to such.I am also always interested in creating more fans of the games we love, I myself cannot stop buying into almost every game we have out on the floor this year.

We as a group, have been working on making this event something special, we are doing this with no reward. Except the reward of you walking away with a great experience, and that above all else, is my personal goal.
I look forward to seeing everyone at our event and my team and I are working hard to make this as a great experience as possible. We hope that you will let us know how to improve as well as what you liked about our Games.

And Finally, please support us, we are trying to keep the price of the three day event as low as possible and pre-sales help us do that, our group have invested tons of our own time and money to make sure we have everything you will need come the events and we would love nothing more than have a full house. Please consider coming for 1,2 or all three days and sign up for many events, we plan on running them all, come rain or shine.
Thank you, and as always: "let the Games begin!"

Tickets:  https://squareup.com/market/salt-city-gladiators

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