40K Narrative event 1500 pt Friday August 21st

40K Narrative Event

"On a barren and war torn world forces meet on the battlefield. Unlikely alliances will be forged and allies will take to the field to crush their enemies."

Narrative event 1500
Start time: Noon
End time: 8:00 PM
Must have purchased a Friday Pass or Weekend Pass to participate. 

What to Bring
Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc
Your Army (1500 pts)
3 Typed Copies of your army list
Battle Forged armies, only. No Unbound lists
The army must be built using one primary detachment.
No fortifications allowed on the list.
*Creativity and fluff will be rewarded. This is a fun friendly event.

Red vs Blue
The narrative event this year will be a team versus team event. Captains will pick their allies among the competitors and be assigned to a team. Each round of the event will start with a coin toss. Winning team will choose either Attack or Defense.

Attacking side will choose first which of tables their allies wants to attack.
Defensive side will then choose which tables their allies will defend.

Objectives and missions will be given before each round.

Winning a match will give your team points. The team with the most points at the end of the event will be the winners.

Team Captains will also have a list of perks that will effect the course of the battle. Captains must spend points to gain these perks.

Bonus points and Achievements
Individuals points can be earned for each participant which will go towards prize support at the end of the event. There will be a bonus for armies with minimum 3 colors up. 

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