Store Highlight: Base 51

Base 51 is a tabletop gaming center that started up this past April in downtown Kaysville, Utah.  If you are familiar with HaJoMaJe games in that locale, then you know the area and the staff.  Store owner Jason Castle, has divided his forces, running both Kaysville stores within a block of each other.


This tabletop gaming center is off to a great start with many different products for card games, miniatures table-top games, role-playing games, and board games.  Here’s a taste of the active systems and crowds:

  • Magic – played every night, with various format events including Modern, Standard, and Limited.
  • Hero Clix – played Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as all day Saturdays.
  • Malifaux – played Friday nights.
  • Role-playing games – played Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Various groups have been playing for some time with Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and another group just came in with Iron Kingdoms. 
  • Board Games – over 250 board games are available for demos.

Come on by to join in your favorite game system, or try something new—the communities here are friendly and accommodating—as the communities grow, there is extra space to grow into!  Bring your friends and family to make use of the individual gaming booths.  Ask about demo nights and other events—much fun is to be found in this great gaming space!


Location information:

11 North Main Street

Kaysville, Utah

(Next door south of the Kaysville movie theater)

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