Paint Comp Prep Part 2

Getting your Mini ready to receive your paint love

One of the things that you absolutely cannot overlook when preparing a miniature to be a competition piece are the tiny flaws in the actual miniature itself.

It can be one of the most frustrating parts of the hobby (at least for me it is) but removing mold lines, filling gaps, and cleaning and washing your model is too important to be over looked.  You can have the most beautiful paint job in the world but if a mold line is showing, or if you have a massive gap or flashing that hasn't been properly cleaned, you will not achieve the result you are hoping for.

So... how do we go about avoiding the competition defeating mistakes?

Step 1:

Open your mini and THOROUGHLY inspect it for flashing, mold lines, etc... 

Step 2:

Grab a hobby knife, some miniature files, and some sandpaper (super fine grits are best.) Then go about carefully cleaning the mold lines, flash, and other blemishes from your mini(s).

Step 3:

Wash your mini(s) in slightly soapy water (little bit of dish soap and water usually does the trick)

Step 4: 

Thoroughly inspect your mini for flashing, mold lines, etc... if you notice areas you missed repeat Step 2.
Step 6:

Carefully assemble your model.  Be sure to have green stuff on hand, gaps between joins are just as, if not more, ugly than mold lines.  (There is a whole school of thought on whether or not to paint before assembly... We won't go down that road here...)  Remember if green stuff is used allow it to cure for a full 24 hrs before moving on to the next step.

Step 7:

Prime your model.  Whether you prime using a rattle can, and airbrush, or old fashion brush on primer.  One thing is certain.  THIN COATS IS KEY!!  A really thick coat of primer can ruin detail and cost you in the long run.  Do a few thin coats.  Just enough to cover the model.

Step: 8

Thoroughly inspect your mini for flashing, mold lines, gaps, blemishes etc...  On a regular basis I notice mold lines and flashing after priming.  So be sure not to skip this step.  If blemishes are noticed repeat step 2 before moving on.

Step 9:

On with the borophyll... errr.... Get to paintin' that mini up!

Hopefully these tips are helpful.  I can't wait to see the great works of art at the SCGG!  Buy your tickets today!!!

The Salty Dwarf is WATCHING!!!


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