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Greetings Gladiators!

Just would like to remind everyone that tickets are on sale and registration is first come first serve. What does that mean to you? If you are wanting to play in the IMC Warmachine event or Warhammer 40k Tournament you'll need to register soon. The current trend has us selling out on both of these events.

Purchasing a ticket is easy. Just select which ticket works for you from our store (Click here).

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Purchase your tickets today, invite your friends to do the same, and we'll see you at the event.
Let the games begin!

Store Highlight: Demolition Games

 This week, we are highlighting Demolition Games in South Salt Lake.  The store is founded and run by Travis and Daniel, both of which are avid and dedicated gamers, who wanted to provide a safe haven for war-gamers to play in, where there is always an open table, and a friendly community to fit into.

Both of the shop owners work day jobs to supplement their ability to keep the store running, so you could definitely say the store is less of a method to make money, and more a testament of their dedication to the games that they love. 

The communities and game systems that are currently thriving at Demolition games are the following:
  • Warmachine/Hordes – Sunday all day are the typical play days, but pick-up games throughout the week are common.  There is a journeyman league starting up in July, so it would be a great opportunity to get into the game, or try a new faction.
  • Xwing – Wednesday nights starting around 5:30 or 6:00.  This one has been quite popular lately—come try it out, or get some games in with the local players.
  • Star Wars Armada—Tuesday nights are the current official nights players will show up to get a game in.  There is a state tournament coming up on July 11th.
  • Open Board Gaming – Saturday nights, come in and try a new board game, or bring in one you have been looking to try with some fellow gamers.
  • Hero Clix—Tuesday evenings are game time, and this community is just getting started.  Stop on by to find out how you can participate.
  • Malifaux—Friday nights are when these guys typically meet, and this is another game system with a newly budding community.  It would be a great time to come in and get involved to help the community grow.
Travis and Daniel have a lot of big plans—they are working to get a website online, which will come with lots of goodies, including a forum, youtube webcast show for “let’s play” and game reviews, blogs, and an online store.  They hope to have this up and running by the end of the year.

Come on by and check this store out—all their products are 20% below MSRP, and their communities are open and friendly, and looking to grow further!

85 West 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT

(South side of the street, in the same complex as Jimmy John’s)

Paint Comp Prep Part 2

Getting your Mini ready to receive your paint love

One of the things that you absolutely cannot overlook when preparing a miniature to be a competition piece are the tiny flaws in the actual miniature itself.

It can be one of the most frustrating parts of the hobby (at least for me it is) but removing mold lines, filling gaps, and cleaning and washing your model is too important to be over looked.  You can have the most beautiful paint job in the world but if a mold line is showing, or if you have a massive gap or flashing that hasn't been properly cleaned, you will not achieve the result you are hoping for.

So... how do we go about avoiding the competition defeating mistakes?

Step 1:

Open your mini and THOROUGHLY inspect it for flashing, mold lines, etc... 

Step 2:

Grab a hobby knife, some miniature files, and some sandpaper (super fine grits are best.) Then go about carefully cleaning the mold lines, flash, and other blemishes from your mini(s).

Step 3:

Wash your mini(s) in slightly soapy water (little bit of dish soap and water usually does the trick)

Step 4: 

Thoroughly inspect your mini for flashing, mold lines, etc... if you notice areas you missed repeat Step 2.
Step 6:

Carefully assemble your model.  Be sure to have green stuff on hand, gaps between joins are just as, if not more, ugly than mold lines.  (There is a whole school of thought on whether or not to paint before assembly... We won't go down that road here...)  Remember if green stuff is used allow it to cure for a full 24 hrs before moving on to the next step.

Step 7:

Prime your model.  Whether you prime using a rattle can, and airbrush, or old fashion brush on primer.  One thing is certain.  THIN COATS IS KEY!!  A really thick coat of primer can ruin detail and cost you in the long run.  Do a few thin coats.  Just enough to cover the model.

Step: 8

Thoroughly inspect your mini for flashing, mold lines, gaps, blemishes etc...  On a regular basis I notice mold lines and flashing after priming.  So be sure not to skip this step.  If blemishes are noticed repeat step 2 before moving on.

Step 9:

On with the borophyll... errr.... Get to paintin' that mini up!

Hopefully these tips are helpful.  I can't wait to see the great works of art at the SCGG!  Buy your tickets today!!!

The Salty Dwarf is WATCHING!!!


There and back again , A Lock and Load Tale

Over the weekend I Took a road trip with some great Warmachine players to Lock and Load to play against some fantastic people.

This was my 3rd year attending and first in two years, the venue was different but the players were great!
I played against some people from Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and well, Utah!
 I hope you all enjoyed playing with me as much as I, with you. (except that Troll list, Roger!!!!)
I met with Privateer staff members, Demolition Games and Chain Attack, I promoted SCGG to everyone I saw and I got some great feedback.
We are very excited to Host the IMC, and are already putting things together to make our event spectacular.
We hope to see you all very soon and look forward to seeing you in August.

Here's hoping to roll snake eyes against you all!

40k Tactica - Hit and Run

Hello Gladiators!

Captain Morgan here with a little bit of 40k tactics advice for anyone planning on joining us for the 40k event this year at the Salt City Gladiator Games.  40k is moving forward at a blistering pace, and sometimes it is easy to feel lost in the storm of new releases, so it's always nice to take a step back and look at some of the tools available to get the job done on the table.  Today's rule spotlight is: Hit and Run

Hit and Run: A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule that is locked in combat can choose to leave close combat at the end of any Assault phase.  If the unit wishes to do so, it must take an initiative test.  If the test is failed, nothing happens and the models remain locked in the fight.  If the test is passed, choose a direction - then roll 3D6.  As long as the distance rolled, in inches, is sufficient to allow the entire unit to move over 1" away from all the enemy units they are locked in combat with, the unit breaks away from cobat and must immediately move a number of inches in the chosen direction equal to the 3D6 result, ignoring the models they were locked in cobat with.  No Sweeping Advance rolls are made.  Enemy units that are no longer locked in combat immediately Consolidate D6".

This is a great tool to use to get your shooty or deathstar unit out of a combat you don't want to be in.  If you use it in your opponents assault phase, you can set yourself up for a nice charge the next turn, or put yourself in a good position to contest or steal an objective, or put yourself in a position to attack or shoot a more juicy target.

The Whits Scars Kor'sarro Khan is a great example of a model that can confer hit-and-run to a squad. Other examples are Dante from the Blood Angels, and the Vectored Retro-thrusters upgrade for Tau battlesuits.  Keep an eye out for this rule in both your army's list and your opponents, because it can be a game-changing tactic when used correctly.

Keep an eye on this space for more tactics tips!

~Brother-Captain Morgan

Store Highlight: Base 51

Base 51 is a tabletop gaming center that started up this past April in downtown Kaysville, Utah.  If you are familiar with HaJoMaJe games in that locale, then you know the area and the staff.  Store owner Jason Castle, has divided his forces, running both Kaysville stores within a block of each other.


This tabletop gaming center is off to a great start with many different products for card games, miniatures table-top games, role-playing games, and board games.  Here’s a taste of the active systems and crowds:

  • Magic – played every night, with various format events including Modern, Standard, and Limited.
  • Hero Clix – played Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as all day Saturdays.
  • Malifaux – played Friday nights.
  • Role-playing games – played Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Various groups have been playing for some time with Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and another group just came in with Iron Kingdoms. 
  • Board Games – over 250 board games are available for demos.

Come on by to join in your favorite game system, or try something new—the communities here are friendly and accommodating—as the communities grow, there is extra space to grow into!  Bring your friends and family to make use of the individual gaming booths.  Ask about demo nights and other events—much fun is to be found in this great gaming space!


Location information:

11 North Main Street

Kaysville, Utah

(Next door south of the Kaysville movie theater)