The Games are Set and to the Victor, the spoils!!

Now that we have our schedule set we hope to see all of you at our Games!
If you do not see your game of choice on our schedule, do not fret! There is still time and ways to get it on our schedule
First, Buy a ticket! 
Second, Tell all your co-players to buy a ticket
Third, let us know you would like to have a tournament of the game of choice and you have you and all your friends eager to play!
we will set up a registration for your game and will verify and lock in your table needs.
If you have enough gladiators joining your fray we will help facilitate prize support and make sure to put it on the master schedule!

Boom, You got your game in our event!
This event is by the players and for the players, but we need your support, please register and lock in your place among the gladiators that will crush the opposition.
See you in August!

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