Paint Comp Prep part 1


                              Selecting your Miniature

One of the most important steps in entering a miniature painting competition is to select the right miniature for you.

I know there are a lot of thoughts on miniature selection in painting competitions.  You often hear thoughts like "You have to pick the newest releases to win." "Pick what is in the current meta." "This year everyone seems to be favoring female miniatures, thats the only way to go."  And while there may certainly be a little truth to each of these statements, my personal thought is if you don't pick a miniature that is speaking to you, you really will have a hard time in competition.

So what do I mean by a mini "speaking" to you... no Im not channeling my inner "Indian in the Cupboard" from my childhood, not getting my Ben Stiller from Night at the Museum on either.  You ever just looked at a mini and had the feeling "I HAVE to paint that!!"?  Well my friends that was your moment, that was the mini that was talking to you.

In order to get the best out of yourself painting wise you have to have a desire to paint the miniature.  If you are forcing yourself to paint something just to get it done, it will be felt in your painting.  Painting miniatures is an art, art is not a science... what do I mean by that, what I mean is sometimes a formula or specific set of steps is not the best path to a beautiful paint job.

So in closing, find that miniature that is yelling at you.  Harness that excitement and get those brushes ready!  THE SALTY DWARF IS WAITING!!


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