Lay of the Land: Warmachine

Lay of the Land?

One of the many consideration for tournament players in any system is to ensure that the lists that they are playing are relevant in the current environment. This means that you need to know what the current environment or "meta" is, and what changes are coming up, or have been made recently.

That is the purpose of this series!

ADR Changes!

One of the most visible changes in the Warmachine ruleset before our August tournaments will be the changing of the Active Duty Roster for the Masters tournaments!

Does this change your preferred lists?
Does this change the lists your opponents will be playing?
Does this change the "questions" that will be asked by common lists?
Does this change your "answers" for lists?

Questions or comment are welcome! Visit our Facebook Page for more discussion.

Check out the changes to the Active Duty Roster here

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