Bring on the Paint!! The Salty Dwarf awaits!

The Salty Dwarf is watching!  He is waiting to see the beautiful works of art you will be bringing with you to his annual painting competition.

My favorite part of this great hobby is to see all of the creativity, and artistic energy that is alive and flourishing among us.  I love nothing more than to walk up to a glass case filled with painted minis and just stare at them, seeing and appreciating the time and effort that has been put into these beautiful toy soldiers we all adore.

As the games are approaching rapidly, I would like to take a bit of time each Thursday to talk about painting competitions.  I will hit up topics such as paint comp prep, judging criteria, competition anxiety, among other things that may pop up in my brain between now and the Games.

So stay tuned, get painting, and keep watching!!


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