Malifaux - Cheat Fate or Lose Your Soul!

Are you willing to risk your soul for a chance at great wealth and power? It's your only weapon in a world rife with monsters, necropunks, man-machine hybrids, gunslingers, and power-hungry politicos. In Malifaux, you lead your Crew in the battle for control of the Breach, a dark portal to a world of limitless magic. 

Malifaux is a character-driven 32mm tabletop miniatures game. Players collect, build, and paint models representing the denizens of Malifaux, pitting these models against one another in groups called Crews for control of the precious resource known as Soulstones. 

A Crew can contain several different types of models depending on how a player constructs it. Masters can manipulate the course of events in the world around them, changing their own Fates through their control or theft of Soulstones. A variety of fantastic and frightening beings, collectively known as Minions, serve the Master as fodder in his or her machinations. In addition, Henchmen can lead specialized Crews in their Master's absence, or serve their Master directly as a member of a Crew. Masters and Henchmen are also supported by Totems, extensions of their magical abilities which increase their spellcasting range and provide additional aid in an Encounter. Lastly, each Master can transform itself into a powerful Avatar, representing a specific aspect of their personality.

How well a Crew carries out its leader's Strategy and Schemes determines whether or not it will emerge victorious in an Encounter with an enemy Crew. Strategies represent the Crew's main path to victory, while Schemes are simpler alternate routes to achieve the leader's goals. 

Malifaux players use decks of cards called Fate Decks to resolve game events such as attacking and spell-casting. Players can manipulate the cards they play to alter the Duel's outcome. It takes a shrewd leader to effectively utilize a Crew's resources, ensuring he or she always has ready the cards needed to Cheat Fate. 

Be prepared to fight to the death because Malifaux is the end of the line!

SCGG Welcomes the IMC for 2015!

The Intermountain Cup will be hosted at the Salt City Gladiator Games on Saturday August 22nd 2015!

We are glad to be hosting the fall IMC this year and hope to provide a great experience for all the players as well as a great introduction to Warmachine for all the participants of the Salt City Gladiator Games! The IMC has been the premier Warmachine/Hordes tournament in the intermountain region for the last three years and has grown leaps and bounds in that time. It is held semi-annually and regularly pulls players from as far away as Maryland, and Washington. 

Spring 2015 Winner
The Intermountain Cup is a Warmachine/Hordes tournament based in the Intermountain West that was patterned after the Mayhem Cup. It brings players together to see who has the strongest meta at their store. Players declare a store that they live within 50 miles of as their home store and score points for that store in the tournament. The cup is a 64 player tournament and the top 16 finishers score points for their store.

The overall winner and the overall store have their names engraved on the cup, and if the store that wins the cup is sufficiently close to Salt Lake City they may take the cup back to their store to display. The tournament itself will always be held in a central location somewhere near Salt Lake City and will always be patterned off the current Masters format.

Time to make plans for SCGG

Our 3 day event will be held From August 21-23.
The hosting venue will be Legacy Events Center in Farmington, Utah. We are very close to Station Park where there are many places to eat and drink, but Farmington is still just a small city with few places to stay.
Make sure you get Hotel rooms early so you are not sleeping in your car waiting for death and mayhem during our play hours! We are eager to see you this August and want you ready for the fight.
By the way, you are not permitted to fight without shirts and pants like these guys!
See you soon!

Lay of the Land: Warmachine

Lay of the Land?

One of the many consideration for tournament players in any system is to ensure that the lists that they are playing are relevant in the current environment. This means that you need to know what the current environment or "meta" is, and what changes are coming up, or have been made recently.

That is the purpose of this series!

ADR Changes!

One of the most visible changes in the Warmachine ruleset before our August tournaments will be the changing of the Active Duty Roster for the Masters tournaments!

Does this change your preferred lists?
Does this change the lists your opponents will be playing?
Does this change the "questions" that will be asked by common lists?
Does this change your "answers" for lists?

Questions or comment are welcome! Visit our Facebook Page for more discussion.

Check out the changes to the Active Duty Roster here

Paint Comp Prep part 1


                              Selecting your Miniature

One of the most important steps in entering a miniature painting competition is to select the right miniature for you.

I know there are a lot of thoughts on miniature selection in painting competitions.  You often hear thoughts like "You have to pick the newest releases to win." "Pick what is in the current meta." "This year everyone seems to be favoring female miniatures, thats the only way to go."  And while there may certainly be a little truth to each of these statements, my personal thought is if you don't pick a miniature that is speaking to you, you really will have a hard time in competition.

So what do I mean by a mini "speaking" to you... no Im not channeling my inner "Indian in the Cupboard" from my childhood, not getting my Ben Stiller from Night at the Museum on either.  You ever just looked at a mini and had the feeling "I HAVE to paint that!!"?  Well my friends that was your moment, that was the mini that was talking to you.

In order to get the best out of yourself painting wise you have to have a desire to paint the miniature.  If you are forcing yourself to paint something just to get it done, it will be felt in your painting.  Painting miniatures is an art, art is not a science... what do I mean by that, what I mean is sometimes a formula or specific set of steps is not the best path to a beautiful paint job.

So in closing, find that miniature that is yelling at you.  Harness that excitement and get those brushes ready!  THE SALTY DWARF IS WAITING!!


We will bring the games.

Last year was a great time, we had many show and we had some fantastic supporters.
One thing that we did not do properly was make sure that all our scheduled events got played.
This year we aim to change that.
At this year's SCGG we will commit to our scheduled events as long as there are players standing.
If there are 6 ready to rock for an Infinty brawl? Lets get it on!
Three are waiting to play Dark Ages, Fine, Let the blood flow.

We learn our lessons and we look forward to playing to a full house, but just on the off chance your game of choice is not filled, no worries, We will bring the lambs to the slaughter.
We are ready. Will you be?

Bring on the Paint!! The Salty Dwarf awaits!

The Salty Dwarf is watching!  He is waiting to see the beautiful works of art you will be bringing with you to his annual painting competition.

My favorite part of this great hobby is to see all of the creativity, and artistic energy that is alive and flourishing among us.  I love nothing more than to walk up to a glass case filled with painted minis and just stare at them, seeing and appreciating the time and effort that has been put into these beautiful toy soldiers we all adore.

As the games are approaching rapidly, I would like to take a bit of time each Thursday to talk about painting competitions.  I will hit up topics such as paint comp prep, judging criteria, competition anxiety, among other things that may pop up in my brain between now and the Games.

So stay tuned, get painting, and keep watching!!


The Games are Set and to the Victor, the spoils!!

Now that we have our schedule set we hope to see all of you at our Games!
If you do not see your game of choice on our schedule, do not fret! There is still time and ways to get it on our schedule
First, Buy a ticket! 
Second, Tell all your co-players to buy a ticket
Third, let us know you would like to have a tournament of the game of choice and you have you and all your friends eager to play!
we will set up a registration for your game and will verify and lock in your table needs.
If you have enough gladiators joining your fray we will help facilitate prize support and make sure to put it on the master schedule!

Boom, You got your game in our event!
This event is by the players and for the players, but we need your support, please register and lock in your place among the gladiators that will crush the opposition.
See you in August!