Warhammer 40K Schedule


Warhammer 40k 7th Edition

August 21-23
Purchase tickets here. Registration opens May 1st. Any questions please contact us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com

30 Players (15 Tables)
*Note this cap will expand to suit a larger number of players.

Narrative event 1500
Start time: Noon
End time: 8:00 PM

Details about the narrative event coming soon

ITC 1850 Tournament (Day 1)
3 Rounds 2 hr 45 min per round with 1 hour lunch after Round 1. 
Start time: 10:00 AM
End time: 8:00 PM

*Note - Same list must be used both days.

ITC 1850 Tournament (Day 2)
3 Rounds 2 hr 45 min per round with 45 min lunch after Round 4. 
Start time: 9:00 AM
End time: 7:00 PM

What to Bring
Your Army
Tape Measure, Dice, Game Aids, etc.
3 Objective Markers on 25mm bases, 2 Objective Markers on 40mm bases.
7 Typed Copies of your army list. Be sure to notate who your Warlord is on your army list.
All pertinent rules for your army. Codices, White Dwarf Articles, Foregworld Rules, etc.

The tournament and reporting thereof will be using the Frontline Gaming (1850 points) format as part of the Independent Tournament Circuit.  The specific information here:
  1. Mission/Tournament Packet. 
  2. FAQ
  3. Trophies awarded to Best General/Tournament Champion, Renaissance Man (Combination of battle and paint scores), and Best Appearance. 
  4. To report for the ITC, we just need to link back to the ITC homepage from our site and post up the ITC logo (which is attached in case we don't already have it up from last year). Scores need to be submitted using the Frontline Gaming scoring spreadsheet, attached here. Reece can be contacted if there are any issues understanding the form.

How does the scoring system work for ITC? Download the Score Sheet, here!

Frontline Gaming based their model off of the World Series of Poker. Each player will earn points for each event they participate in.
  • Take your top 4 event scores and add them for your overall score.
  • Each event is scored off of your battle score only, as it is the only objective metric between events.
  • Calculate your score based off of your overall battle rank, add in bonus points for every round you win up to your first loss, and then apply a multiplier based on the number of players at the event.
Placing Points = Based on your overall finish
  • 1st place = 100 points
  • 2nd place = 90 points
  • 3rd place = 85 points
  • 4th place = 80 points
  • 5th place = 75 points
  • 6th place = 70 points
  • 7th place = 65 points
  • 8th place = 60 points
  • Top 10% of remaining field = 55 points
  • Next 20% of remaining field = 40 points
  • Next 30% of remaining field = 30 points
  • Last 40% of remaining field = 20 points
Example: Las Vegas Open 2014 had 193 players on day 1. The first 8 players receive their points. The remaining 185 players are then broken out:
  • Top 10% of remaining field = 19 players
  • Next 20% of remaining field = 37 players
  • Next 30% of remaining field = 55 players
  • Last 40% of remaining field = 74 players
*Please note, events under 16 players count for half points.   Bonus Points for Games Undefeated
  • 2 Points for each win before first loss
  • 1 Point for each draw before first loss
Once you add your placing points to your bonus points, you multiple that by the…   Number of Players in Tournament Multiplier
  • Calculated by : 1 + (Number of players on day one x .0016)


All models must be painted to a 3 color minimum. We count primer as a color. If you have any models that are not painted to a 3 color minimum, you will be ineligible for prize support at the end of the event. Your paint score is determined by the event paint staff.


Sportsmanship will be handled as a simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down check box on the results sheet.

The temptation to ding someone on sports after a tough loss is often too much for many players to resist. We therefore are providing a very narrowly defined set of terms under which a player may mark their opponent with thumbs down mark on sportsmanship. This system is intended to punish those who are being abusive, but to not allow chimpmunking. After a great deal of real world use, we have found this system to work very well.

Legitimate reasons to give an opponent thumbs down on sports:
Your opponent was 15 or more minutes late to the round.
Your opponent was verbally abusive. This does not mean you argued with your opponent or that your personalities clashed, but that they were verbally abusive and insulting.
Your opponent intentionally cheated. Be prepared to support your case to a judge.
Your opponent slow played. We define slow playing as not completing 3 game turns of play.
In the case of 20 or less minutes left to play, divide the time remaining between players to complete one full GAME turn. Time each other during this period to ensure that each player has an equal amount of time to complete a full game turn. If one player does not finish within their limit, the other player can force them to stop and then begin their turn. This mechanic is in place to ensure no one is slow played out of a turn of play.

What does NOT constitute thumbs down on sports?
You argued over rules with your opponent.
Your opponent beat you.
You didn't like your opponent’s army.

A negative mark on sportsmanship will be met with administrative action as follows:
First thumbs down: A verbal warning from a judge, up to reversing a win to a loss.
Second thumbs down: Reversing a win to a loss, up to disqualification from any prize support.
Third thumbs down: disqualification from any prize support, up to expulsion from the event with no refund of the ticket price.
Fourth thumbs down: Expulsion from the event with no refund of the ticket price.


All models are expected to be WYSIWYG as much as is reasonable. Proxies are not permitted. Counts As armies with counts as allies will only be permitted if they represent a clearly concerted effort to build a unique army around an obvious theme. For example, an Adeptus Mechanicus army using extensive kit bashing and conversions will be fine. If you go this route, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A HANDOUT TO SHOW YOUR OPPONENT THAT SHOWS WHAT EACH UNIT IN YOUR ARMY IS ALONG WITH ITS STATS AND PERTENANT RULES! You must also present this to them prior to the game so that they have time to understand what they are playing against. There will be no exceptions to this.

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