Infinity Tournaments


August 21-23
Purchase tickets here. Registration opens May 1st. Any questions please contact us at

Proposed Schedule (times subject to change)

Open Gaming (special scenarios just for the Gladiator Games available) and Demos all day.

Remote Race
3pm (2 hours at most) - only Remotes allowed

The Hunger Games
7pm (2 hours at most) - 75 pts 1.5 SWC. See mission packet for details.

Standard ITS Tournament
9am to 4pm - 4 Rounds, 300 pts Mid-Tier, 2 lists.

Task Force Raccoon - Infinity Zombie Scenario
(6pm to 9pm) - players take 100 pts or and co-operatively try to make it through the research station alive, while accomplishing hidden objectives.

Mission Packet here

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