Dark Age MTI Schedule

August 21-23
Purchase tickets here. Registration opens May 1st. Any questions please contact us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com

Dark Age Games is a new gaming company that has produced a miniatures game based on the art and themes of Brom's Dark Age world. It's a dark and ruined world where different factions and different races battle to survive.

The game is a skirmish level game using a d20 for all dice rolls. It is designed for a two-player game of approximately 20 models aside to take an hour or less for experienced players to play. At the same time it gives you all the tactics and control of alternate activation with detailed control of each model's actions.

I am happy to announce our next Tournament! Last year you all got your feet wet in a starter box tourney. This year it's time to raise the stakes!

WHERE? Salt Lake Gladiator Games 2015, of course!

WHEN? Friday, August 21st. The tournament will begin at 1:00 PM. Please make sure to be there by 15 minutes before, so that we can get you registered and paired.

HOW MANY POINTS? 500. 'Cause that's the way we roll...

HOW MUCH? The tournament will be absolutely free all you need is a convention pass to play! You will be playing for bragging rights, and any cool swag we can get our hands on for you guys! You won't know what's there until you come out and see, though.

WHAT DO I NEED? Aside from the models in your army, you will need to have a copy of the 2013 Core rules, Secondary Objective Cards and the Stat Cards for the models in your army.

While the rules and stat cards can be printed out or on a mobile device you will need to have a PHYSICAL copy of the secondary objective cards. You will also need several d20's (3 should be plenty), a tape measure, and whatever templates or tokens your force uses. You should also have three (3) Objective Markers. Remember that these are 50mm bases.

Make sure you bring all the tokens you need for your army. It is your responsibility to be prepared, and not your opponents' to have the things you forgot. Note that this means if you didn't bring anything to mark all those poison counters your army puts out, you are going to have a hard time convincing your friendly neighborhood TO that they ever existed, so please be prepared.

WHAT'S THE FORMAT? We will be playing according to the March To Immortality format. The number of rounds will be based on players, as indicated in the Rules, and the scenarios will be determined at random by the TO each round. Points will be totaled up from each round to determine a winner at the end of the day. In the unlikely event of a tie, a winner will be determined through total Victory Points obtained.

HOW LONG WILL THE EVENT RUN? Each round will be 60 minutes, with an allowance of around 10-15 min between rounds at most.

Here is a link to the tournament download page: Rules can be found here

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