Magic Update and HeroClix

We are scaling back the cost and activities of our Magic the Gathering events. This is in part to the lack of feedback we've received from the community. We'll evaluate if we want to have more Magic events next year so please email us if you'd like to see more tournaments for Magic. 

Magic will now be in the Open Play Area and the cost has been changed to $5. This of course means the tournaments we had planned will no longer be available, but the Gamer's Asylum events will still be happening at their additional cost.  

In other news we are proud to introduce HeroClix events sponsored by HaJoMaJe.

HeroClix will be in the Open Area both Friday and Saturday
Cost: $5

Friday October 24th
300pt Modern Age

Saturday October 25th
500pt Golden Age

War of Light Sealed Event
Cost: $30 ($5 entry plus $25 for pack)

Buy your tickets today!!

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