First Year Growing Pains.

Our first year event in less than two weeks away. This has been a long road for all of us and a learning experience. Firstly we'd like to thank everyone who has shown us support and we hope to have a great event for everyone. We've been listening to the folks in the community that have some concerns with attending the Friday events. We understand that life, school, work, and family get in the way of our hobby time. We've been looking at the numbers of pre-registration and trying to estimate how many players will show up the day of the event. The question we have to ask is what happens if we do not get enough folks on Friday for the qualifying tournaments. 

Please plan your schedule according to what is already on the Master List, but if the numbers don't work out Friday here is our contingency plan:

Warmachine/Hordes Masters
Masters Qualifier will be changed to a 50pt Steamroller event. Those playing in the Steamroller will have their seats locked in for the Masters on Saturday.

Youngbloods tournament will be canceled. 

Masters 50pt 3 list tournament held all day. Prize support will not be changed. 

Who's the Boss will be canceled.

All other Saturday Warmachine events will stay the same. 

Warhammer 40k
Qualifier will stay the same and players will still play to lock their seating for Saturday.

40K finals. Players will still be accepted up to the 30 man cap. Those who did not play Friday will have a low seat and be randomized paired first round.

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