Countdown (Big Update)

Hello everyone,
We are less than one week until our first big event. This past weekend we discussed a long list of items to better prepare ourselves to make your two days of gaming a great time. Here' a few points that everyone should know before they come. 

Pre-registration ends tomorrow (Tuesday 10/21/14) So be sure to get your tickets now or you'll be in line at the door.

Doors open 9:00am and registration starts
First rounds will start at 10:30am.
Doors will be locked and closed at 11:00pm or sooner

Doors open 9:00am and registration starts
First rounds will start at 10:30am.
Closing and Awards 7:00-8:00 pm
Teardown will start after awards are over.

Here is the map for the Legacy Events Center. Please park in the spots marked with an X and we'll be in Building 2 (circled blue). 

Players Coming to the Gladiator Games
The Gladiator Games are located not too far away from the Farmington Station Park Plaza (5 minutes). The Station Park has plenty of entertainment options, places to eat, and is located next to the Frontrunner stop. 

Visitors and Family
As this is our first year event we welcome everyone to bring along theirs friends and family to check out the fun. We do ask that anyone not participating in a tournament to please not interfere with the players during their rounds. Anyone with small children will need to keep their kids away from the playing tables. 
There will be demos and other events in the Open Play Area that visitors are welcome to check out. 

Warmachine/Hordes Tournaments

Since we did not hit the numbers required to do a two day masters event we have decided to switch to our contingency plan. Friday will be a 50pt steamroller event and Saturday will be the Masters. Those who are playing in the steamroller Friday will get their spots locked in for the Masters

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