What are you playing for?

Today let's talk about what you're playing for. I'm taking about prizes and prestige!

Trophy example. SCGG Trophy is in the works.
First off let us remind you that this event will hopefully be a annual thing. As such we want you to know that being in the top spots of the tournaments will immortalize your name in the history books. Year One is where everything changed and the world of tabletop gaming in Utah was shaken to the core. 
Will you take up the challenge? Will you be #1 for 2014?

Not only will you go home knowing that you helped support a great event but for some of you lucky gladiators there will also be a trophy to put on your mantle. For the 40K and four main Warmachine/Hordes tournaments we will have trophies for the top 3 players. Also for Salty Dwarf folks we will also have trophies for you paint brush gladiators. I should also mention that along with trophies we will also have a cash prize too. 

But wait there's more!
As we promote this event at FLGS we are going to ask for sponsor items for random prizes to everyone who plays at this event. We want this to be a great experience for everyone who attends. More details to come. If you know anyone who'd like to sponsor prizes please let us know scgladiatorgames@gmail.com.

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