Venue Locked in!!

Its official, we have a venue selected and locked in!
This is very exciting for SCGG because it was an adventure trying to find adequate space in October.
Our first event will be held at the Legacy Event Center in Farmington, Utah, not quite Salt City but only 20 minutes away on I-15.

This area will give us enough space to play all game systems people are interested in.
Also, there will be free parking and across the street are delicious places to eat, and a shopping center! Also not 1 mile away is lodging for you out of towners! (Hampton Inn, (801) 451-7999)

Overall, this will be a perfect venue to hold our first event!
Here is the venue's website if you are interested, we will be housed in buildings #3 and #1.

Though everything is coming up on us fast, we are still trying our darnedest to hit our ticket sale date of July 25th
Stay tuned for more information on our games in the coming weeks, and save the date of October 24th-25th.
We are looking at making the best event for you, the players!

Venue search

We are trying to lock down  a great venue to hold our event, hold on to your hats!
We are still planning on a great event and are hard at work making it the best in Utah!
We are not dead! Just slightly slow, tune in next week!

SC Gladiator Games and Geek Garage

Salt City Gladiator Games is pleased to announce Geek Garage and their Salty Dwarf to the Fray!
This Painting Competition will be ran by the Master Painters of the Geek Garage and will showcase some of the best talented painters within the western states and will be free to all registrants.

Spaces will be limited, so when tickets go on sale hurry to lock in your spot!
There will be trophies and cash prizes for the winners (details soon to come).
For more on previous Salty Dwarf Competitions please go to: and like them on Facebook.

We are very excited to have Geek Garage as one of our partners!