We are still out here and Big things are coming....

Its been quite on the Blog Front, Time to rectify this problem!

To our participants; we thank you from the bottom of our heart!
Without you, this would not be possible!
We want to thank our Local Sponsors:
Gamers Asylum

And all the other stores that helped us with a successful first event.
Also thank you, to all the companies that supplied us with Prize Support and assistance!

 We are working diligently behind closed doors to give you more awesome experiences in Tabletop Gaming and Utah gaming in General. I would give more information now, but, the guys would kill me!

Look to our Blog, Facebook and Twitter for more in the horizon,  in the meantime, Enjoy the Turkey Day!

Countdown (Big Update)

Hello everyone,
We are less than one week until our first big event. This past weekend we discussed a long list of items to better prepare ourselves to make your two days of gaming a great time. Here' a few points that everyone should know before they come. 

Pre-registration ends tomorrow (Tuesday 10/21/14) So be sure to get your tickets now or you'll be in line at the door.

Doors open 9:00am and registration starts
First rounds will start at 10:30am.
Doors will be locked and closed at 11:00pm or sooner

Doors open 9:00am and registration starts
First rounds will start at 10:30am.
Closing and Awards 7:00-8:00 pm
Teardown will start after awards are over.

Here is the map for the Legacy Events Center. Please park in the spots marked with an X and we'll be in Building 2 (circled blue). 

Players Coming to the Gladiator Games
The Gladiator Games are located not too far away from the Farmington Station Park Plaza (5 minutes). The Station Park has plenty of entertainment options, places to eat, and is located next to the Frontrunner stop. 

Visitors and Family
As this is our first year event we welcome everyone to bring along theirs friends and family to check out the fun. We do ask that anyone not participating in a tournament to please not interfere with the players during their rounds. Anyone with small children will need to keep their kids away from the playing tables. 
There will be demos and other events in the Open Play Area that visitors are welcome to check out. 

Warmachine/Hordes Tournaments

Since we did not hit the numbers required to do a two day masters event we have decided to switch to our contingency plan. Friday will be a 50pt steamroller event and Saturday will be the Masters. Those who are playing in the steamroller Friday will get their spots locked in for the Masters

T-shirts Pre-Orders

T-shirts are now available for pre-order and will be on hand at the Games. Prices are $15 for pre-order and $20 at the event. Order yours today!

Malifaux Prizes

The prize support box from Wyrd Games today for the Malifaux events. It has 6 crew boxes, 2 Strategy and Scheme decks, 2 light and 2 dark Fate Decks and a limited edition Miss Terious in it.

First Year Growing Pains.

Our first year event in less than two weeks away. This has been a long road for all of us and a learning experience. Firstly we'd like to thank everyone who has shown us support and we hope to have a great event for everyone. We've been listening to the folks in the community that have some concerns with attending the Friday events. We understand that life, school, work, and family get in the way of our hobby time. We've been looking at the numbers of pre-registration and trying to estimate how many players will show up the day of the event. The question we have to ask is what happens if we do not get enough folks on Friday for the qualifying tournaments. 

Please plan your schedule according to what is already on the Master List, but if the numbers don't work out Friday here is our contingency plan:

Warmachine/Hordes Masters
Masters Qualifier will be changed to a 50pt Steamroller event. Those playing in the Steamroller will have their seats locked in for the Masters on Saturday.

Youngbloods tournament will be canceled. 

Masters 50pt 3 list tournament held all day. Prize support will not be changed. 

Who's the Boss will be canceled.

All other Saturday Warmachine events will stay the same. 

Warhammer 40k
Qualifier will stay the same and players will still play to lock their seating for Saturday.

40K finals. Players will still be accepted up to the 30 man cap. Those who did not play Friday will have a low seat and be randomized paired first round.

Magic Update and HeroClix

We are scaling back the cost and activities of our Magic the Gathering events. This is in part to the lack of feedback we've received from the community. We'll evaluate if we want to have more Magic events next year so please email us if you'd like to see more tournaments for Magic. 

Magic will now be in the Open Play Area and the cost has been changed to $5. This of course means the tournaments we had planned will no longer be available, but the Gamer's Asylum events will still be happening at their additional cost.  

In other news we are proud to introduce HeroClix events sponsored by HaJoMaJe.

HeroClix will be in the Open Area both Friday and Saturday
Cost: $5

Friday October 24th
300pt Modern Age

Saturday October 25th
500pt Golden Age

War of Light Sealed Event
Cost: $30 ($5 entry plus $25 for pack)

Buy your tickets today!!

Prizes for the Gladiator Games

We've been working hard to gather prizes for the Gladiator Games from local shops and companies in the hobby world. Everyone who attends the Games with a valid pass will be eligible to receive a random prize. We'll keep you posted here or on our Facebook Page on what prizes we receive.  

On the tournament side Wildchevy has graciously donated prize money for those participating in the Warmachine Masters, 40K tournament, and Salty Dwarf painting contest. $200 will be split between the top 3 from each event for a grand total of $600! Not only that but each of those players will also get a custom made trophy to take home.

Two full days of gaming, hobby fun, prizes, and acclaim. What more could you ask for? Sign up today and tell your friends.

Magic in flux

We're coming close to the one month mark before our first event. We've noticed that there has been little response from the Magic the Gathering community about attending our Magic tournaments. The players we have talked to say that if this is not a qualifier they wont bother or they feel that they will get decimated by pro competitive players. If we don't get any response by the end of September we might have to rethink having Magic at this event altogether.

We'd love to hear your feedback on these events to know if this is something people would be interested in attending. Leave us a comment below or email us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com to let us know what you think about these Magic events.

Open Area Update: Infinity the Game

We're happy to finally officially announce the Infinity ITS tournament we'll be having at the Gladiator Games Saturday Oct 25. The official Corvus Belli box has arrived in the mail and the terrain is in the making.

To play in the Infinity ITS Tournament you will either need a Weekend Pass or a Saturday Only Pass and register for the Open Play Area.

Here is the format we'll be using:

300pt, 4 round, Infinity ITS, 2 list, tournament

Missions: http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/downloads/its/[en]Scenarios%202014.pdf
Quadrant Control
Antennae Field
Emergency Transmission
Annihilation (Mid-Tier)

These rules apply to tournaments organized using a Classic Tournament Pack, a Lowcost Tournament Pack or a Virtual Tournament Pack.

As Official Events, all Tournaments must comply with the Basic Rules of ITS. In case of discrepancy between these rules and the Basic Rules, this document takes precedence.

This is the basic ITS format for tournaments. This format pits 4 or more players in one-to-one games over 3 or more tournament rounds.

At the start of the event, each player receives a Tournament Control Sheet. Players must write down their name, ITS PIN and faction or sectorial army in their sheets. During the tournament, players are required to use the sheet to write down the score of their game at the end of each round. They must also use their sheet to make note of their Private Information so that it can be validated by their opponents or by the Referee when needed.

The number of rounds per tournament depends on the number of players, as shown in this table:
4-8          3
9-16        4
17+         5
Treat this table as a guideline. The Organizer decides the number of rounds a tournament will have, but it must never be less than 3.

Pairings for the first round are assigned randomly. From the second round on, the player with the highest total Objective Points score is paired against the second best, the third against the fourth, and so on. If two or more players are tied for the same position, they are ranked according to their accumulated Victory Points score. If both the Objective Points and Victory Points scores are equal,
players are ranked according to the sum total of the Objective Points accumulated by all their opponents in the tournament.

Once the last round has finished, it is the duty of the Organizer to rank the players according to their total Objective Points scores. If two or more players are tied for the same position, they are ranked according to their total Victory Points score. If both the Objective Points and Victory Points scores are equal, players are ranked according to the sum total of the Objective Points accumulated by all their opponents in the tournament. The winner of the tournament is the player who ranked first, that is, the one with the highest Objective Points score.

If the number of players in the tournament is not even, each round one of the players will have to wait for the next round to play; that player is said to be “given a bye”.

The Organizer must make sure that a single player is never given more than one bye during a tournament. In the first round, the last player to arrive will be the one to take a bye. In subsequent rounds, the player with the lowest score takes a bye. When players take a bye, they must make a note of it in their Tournament Control Sheet. Once the last round ends, players who were given a bye follow these steps:
1. Add up all Objective Points the player earned during the tournament.
2. Multiply the result by the number of rounds of the tournament.
3. Divide the result by the number of rounds played (one less than the total rounds of the tournament) and then round up.
The end result is their final tournament score. In the event of a tie, repeat the process with the Victory Points.

Each player submits 2 Army Lists, both of one single faction or Sectorial Army. Lists must follow all rules for army building set forth in the Infinity rulebooks. Each player must bring two printed copies of each of their lists, and give one to the Organizer before the round begins. Players can be required by the Organizer to turn in their Army Lists in advance to have their validity checked. The only officially sanctioned Army List management tool for ITS play is Infinity Army, available for free on the Infinity website.

Players choose which of their Army Lists to use in a round at the beginning of that round, after they have been informed of who their opponent is, what faction they will be facing and what table they will be using.

Tournament Tiers determine the amount of Army Points players can use to build their armies.
» Top-Tier: 400 Army Points and 8 SWC.
» Mid-Tier: 300 Army Points and 6 SWC.
» Low-Tier: 200 Army Points and 4 SWC.
The Organizer must make the Tier of the Tournament known when it is announced so that players can take it into account when building their Army Lists.

The Organizer must choose beforehand one of the Official ITS Scenarios for each tournament round. The same Scenario cannot be played twice during a tournament. The Organizer must make the chosen Scenarios known when the tournament is announced so that players can take them into account when building their Army Lists.

Players’ ITS Ratings change depending on their position at the end of the tournament. The amount of points received depends on the size of the tournament (no. of players), the type of Tournament Pack used, the Tier of the tournament and the average ITS Rating of all participants.

Open Play Area Update: Dark Age Tournament

Thanks so our local Cool Mini or Not Legionaries we are proud to announce a Dark Age event that will happen in the Open Play area. 

Dark Age players will need either a Weekend Pass or Saturday Only Pass to participate. 

Date: Friday Oct 24th 2-5pm
8 person event. 
3 rounds, 1 hr each. 
300 point extreme tournament format. 
Slaughtering fields
Seize ground
Hidden Agendas

Prize support from Cool Mini or Not (More information coming soon).

Top reasons why you should come attend the Salt City Gladiator Games

Here are the top reasons why you should come attend the Salt City Gladiator Games

1. Two full days of tabletop gaming
What more can one ask for, right? There isn't an event like this in the state that offers you two great days of having fun with the hobby that you love. 

2. Random prizes
Each person who attends one of the events has the opportunity to receive one of the random prizes we'll be giving through out the day. 

3. Cash prizes
There will be cash prizes for those who place well in the Warmachine Masters, 40K tournament, and Salty Dwarf Painting Competition. 

4. Trophies
We'll have first year trophies for each Warmachine event, 40K, and Salty Dwarf Painting Competition.

5. Meeting new people
This event is looking to gather folks from around the state and a few from surrounding states. A perfect opportunity to meet new people and talk about the hobby. 

6. Really great price
Our event is pretty inexpensive to attend and you'll be getting a lot more back in return. Most other events will have you paying $50+ to get in the door plus an added charge for events. 

7. Help build the community
This is a community event and we want the community to benefit from most of all. The Salt City Gladiators are non profit and we are working very hard with the local game stores to help build this event into something amazing.

8. Exposure to new games
Our Open Play Area will be available for anyone who wants to bring in a new game to demo or hold a smaller tournament. Right now we have Malifaux and Infinity the Game setting up events. 

9. Competitive and non Competitive events
Most people we talk to believe that they'll just get rolled over by super competitive players at this event, but that's not really the case. We'll have players of all skill level and experience at this event and we have events that are not geared toward heavy competitive play. You wont know how good you are unless you attend. 

10. Be part of the first year
It's always great to be on the ground floor of something new. Look at how well Salt Lake Comic Con did at their first event. Ten years down the road you can gladly tell your friends that you were there at the Salt City Gladiator Games first year, the year everything changed in the world of tabletop play in Utah. 

Introducing the Saturday Only Pass

Some of you have asked for the possibility of just a Saturday Only Pass and after some discussion we have made it so. This $30 pass will let you come in and play in the events we've planned for Saturday and all those happening in the Open Area. You can purchase this pass here. Any questions please email us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com 

Malifaux in the Open Space

As we gather more people to come to our event we also look for folks who would like to run demos and events for different game systems in our Open Play area. One of the local Malifaux Henchmen will be on hand Friday and Saturday to show off this fast passed game and run some small events. If you'd like to attend events in the Open Play area you'll need to purchase a Weekend Pass and register for Open Play. 

Here is the lineup of Malifaux events

For Friday the 24th:

Demos from opening until 6 PM, later as requested.

6 PM Henchman Hardcore! (Updated 10/12/14)
20 Soulstone henchman led event. Pay cost of all models, no summoning, max crew size 4 minis. 

Saturday the 25th:

Demos opening until 12 PM, later as requested.

12:30 PM 49 Soulstone Gaining Grounds tournament. 
Single faction. Relaxed painting restrictions. Proxies allowed only for unreleased minis. Entry is $3 with all money going to prize support. Wooden spoon winner get their pic taken with the Intermountain Malifaux Wooden Spoon Trophy. 1-3 get cash from the entry. Best sport gets an Attaboy Blister from the TO.

There is also whispers of a story encounter depending on available attendees. More information coming soon.

Any questions feel free to email us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com

What are you playing for?

Today let's talk about what you're playing for. I'm taking about prizes and prestige!

Trophy example. SCGG Trophy is in the works.
First off let us remind you that this event will hopefully be a annual thing. As such we want you to know that being in the top spots of the tournaments will immortalize your name in the history books. Year One is where everything changed and the world of tabletop gaming in Utah was shaken to the core. 
Will you take up the challenge? Will you be #1 for 2014?

Not only will you go home knowing that you helped support a great event but for some of you lucky gladiators there will also be a trophy to put on your mantle. For the 40K and four main Warmachine/Hordes tournaments we will have trophies for the top 3 players. Also for Salty Dwarf folks we will also have trophies for you paint brush gladiators. I should also mention that along with trophies we will also have a cash prize too. 

But wait there's more!
As we promote this event at FLGS we are going to ask for sponsor items for random prizes to everyone who plays at this event. We want this to be a great experience for everyone who attends. More details to come. If you know anyone who'd like to sponsor prizes please let us know scgladiatorgames@gmail.com.

Tickets are on sale!

Tickets for the Salt City Gladiator Games are up and available on our store.
Click here to access the store.

You'll need to purchase a pass to get the link for registration. The registration link will be emailed out July 31st for regular weekend pass and July 28th for VIP passes. Remember that VIP are limited quantity so get one for yourself before they are gone.

Any questions leave them in the comment below or email us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com


Magic The Gathering Tournament Info

Magic The Gathering Tournament Info 
(Updated 10/12/14)

For the Magic portion of the Gladiator Games we've partnered up with Gamer's Asylum who will be running the tournaments and events.

*Note Magic: The Gathering Pass$5
This pass is good for either Friday or Saturday and for those ONLY looking to participate in the Magic Events. This pass will not get you into the 40k or WM/H tournaments. Other events hosted by Gamer's Asylum will have an added cost.

Tickets can be purchased here

Schedule of Events
Open Play

Open Play

Gamer's Asylum Sponsored Events 

Friday Night Magic Standard Constructed
Start Time:  6 PM
Price:  FREE!
Prizes:  A fat pack of Khans of Tarkir and Promo Cards from Magic.
Saturday Legacy
Start Time:  4 PM
Price:  $10
Prizes:  TBD

All day Friday and all day Saturday Gamer's Asylum will be taking sign ups for 8 man Khans of Tarkir draft for $15 and will start every time they get 8 people.   Also Gamer's Asylum will run $12 Constructed tournaments (any format they can get 8 people for) with the winner getting a Box of Khans of Tarkir!

Warhammer 40K Event Details


Warhammer 40k 7th Edition 
30 Players (15 Tables)
This year we will be using the Bay Area Open (1850 points) format as part of the Independent Tournament Circuit. The 40K tournament FAQ can be found here http://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/40k-faq/

Day 1 = Random
Day 2 = Seeded by score

Must use the same list for both Friday and Saturday.
Saturday Schedule of 40k Events:
  • 10:00am  Doors Open, 40k Registration Begins
  • 10:30am  40k Registration Closes, Set-up Game 1
  • 10:45am  Game 1 Begins
  • 12:45pm  Game 1 Ends, Lunch Begins
  • 1:30pm    Lunch Ends, Game 2 Set-Up
  • 1:45pm    Game 2 Begins
  • 3:45pm    Game 2 Ends, Game 3 Set-Up Begins
  • 4:00pm    Game 3 Begins
  • 6:00pm    Game 3 Ends
Any Questions send them to scgladiatorgames@gmail.com


Salty Dwarf Painting Competition Update

SCGG Geek Garage Salty Dwarf Painting Contest

The Geek Garage will be hosting the painting competition for SCGG.

We’d like to invite you all to come and participate in the second Salty Dwarf Painting Competition of which will hopefully be an annual event for the Gladiator Games.

Fall 2014 Salty Dwarf Painting Competition!

October 25th at the Salt City Gladiator Games in Farmington, UT.

Salty Dwarf

Here are the details:
$10 Registration fee per entry ($5 if pre-registering*)

Two Categories:
Single Figure
Large Figure/Dio

Note: This competition is open to all miniature model companies and ranges.

After some great questions brought up from the community we have decided to get a bit more specific with categorization and judging criteria.

Judging Criteria: Technical ability/execution. Artistic quality.
Top three entries in each category will be awarded a Salty Dwarf Trophy. (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)

Single figure:
Defined: Smaller figure or animal-mounted figure, such as a knight on a horse, which fall within the size restriction. This includes base, mount, and appendages. A competition judge will rule on any bits, such as a pole, extending beyond the size restriction, at time of entry.

Size Restriction: 3x3x3 inches, excluding base.

Large Figure/Diorama:
This category can include any of the following entries defined below:

• Large Vehicle
Defined as: All vehicles and machines with crew. This includes all tanks, ships, siege engines, all weaponry that contains or is run by one or more crew figures. Multiple freestanding figures (as in crew) must include unifying base, board, or movement tray.

• Large Figure
Defined as: Single Figures that are larger than Single Figure restrictions. Large monsters, dragons, statues, busts, large scale miniatures, etc.

• Diorama
Defined: Emphasis is on the display as a focused scene telling a story with figures. This may include battle scenes or other diorama displays. Must be on a unified base, figures do not need to be permanently attached to the base, but judges will take into account the technical aspect of the figures as presented with the base.

Judging Criteria Defined:

Technical Ability/Execution- The technical proficiency used in the painting and modeling of the entry. Obvious technical faults are mold lines, sloppy joins, rough primer, and/or sloppy paint.

Artistic Quality- The artistic effects of the piece, including color choices, added detail work, pose, basing, cohesiveness, and the overall effectiveness of the artistic choices made.

Updated Rules... these rules are basically identical to the GenCon general painting competition rules and definitions. Thanks to Amy Stegmann, GenConMinipainting.com and the MHE crew for the rules and category definitions.

Competition Rules:
-Entrant must have painted the fig themselves. No commissions.
-Entries must be received by 12 noon of October 25th.
-The fig will be on display throughout the day. DO NOT enter a fig if you plan to use it in the tourney as well.
-Entrant must be present to collect the prize at the end of the Salty Dwarf event. Winners will be announced between 5pm and 7pm Saturday.
-You do not have to play in the tournaments to enter the painting competition.
-By entering the contest, you give the Geek Garage rights and consent to post/publish pictures of the figures and Artists where we deem necessary.

*Pre-Registration details: Send Pay Pal payment to thegeekgarage@gmail.com leaving a note with a name and category along with payment.
Any questions feel free to contact us at thegeekgarage@gmail.com 
Now grab those brushes and start slinging some paint!!

-Geek Garage

Open Play Area Request Information

Good Morning Gladiators!
Only a few more days until tickets go on sale for the Gladiator Games. We are working hard to get all the gears and cogs in motion for this to be a successful event. During our floor planning meeting we discovered that we will have some extra space available that we will use for open play events.

If you would like to host an event or demo in the play area please email us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Name of the event
  • Tournament or demo
  • Number of players expected to attend*
  • Size length of table space required

*Please note that any attendees for open play area will be required to purchase a weekend pass. This will help go towards the table rental and table tops. Space is limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Warmachine/Hordes Events Schedule for Gladiator Games

Warmachine/Hordes schedule


Masters qualifier

Registration begins 10:00 AM

First round begins 11:00 AM

Lunch break after first round

64 seats available

After four rounds the event will end, and the top 16 players will qualify for the masters final on Saturday.

Young Bloods

Registration begins 10:00 AM

First round begins 11:00 AM

Lunch break after first round

35 point event, up to two lists allowed

32 seats available

The event will be played with timed turns with casual time limits.

This event is designed for newer players, but any player wanting a more casual environment are welcome to participate.


Masters finals

Registration begins 10:00 AM

First round begins 11:00 AM

Lunch break after first round

16 seats filled from the masters qualifier

Who’s the Boss?!

Registration begins 10:00 AM

First round begins 11:00 AM

Lunch break after first round

Bring a 35 point list with 6 beast/jack points, but NO WARCASTER. Every round you’ll be given the option of two casters from outside of your faction to lead your forces. All warcaster/warlock rules will change to reflect which side of the game you’re playing. Warcaster models will be provided for you. One of the funnest formats in Warmachine!

28 seats available


Registration begins 10:00 AM

First round begins 11:00 AM

Lunch break after first round

50 point single list event

There will be NO painting requirement for this event. Master Craftsman will still be awarded to the player with the best fully painted list.

28 seats available

Ticket information

As we get closer to the day tickets go on sale we've had a few inquiries as to the details of the event. Here are the prices for the event (subject to change at any time).

Limited to 10
VIPs will get early access to events registration and a guaranteed slot for whichever tournament they are interested in. At the event VIPs will have special access to drinks and snacks in the registration area and get a swag bag (details coming soon).
On Friday VIPs will join the Salt City Gladiators crew as we go out to dinner and discuss all the events of the day. *We will pay for the meal but alcoholic drinks will be on your tab.

Weekend Pass:
$40 Pre-Registration
$50 Day of event
This pass will get you in the event both Friday and Saturday and access to events registration. You will need a weekend pass to play in any of the tournaments at the event.

Magic: The Gathering Pass:
This pass is good for both Friday and Saturday and for those ONLY looking to participate in the Magic Tournament. This pass will not get you into the 40k or WM/H tournaments.

Salty Dwarf Painting Competition
See event's page for details.
We are glad to help host the 2nd Salty Dwarf Painting Competition.

Any questions feel free to contact us at scgladiatorgames@gmail.com

17 Days until tickets go on sale!

Have you looked at our events page lately? We've been working to add all the information you need to know so you can practice for the main event. That said, tickets will go on sale on July 25th. We are working on the registration system as we speak.

What can you do to help? Share our Facebook page with your friends, take the flyer to your local store, and get those dice warmed up.

Gladiators! Fight for honor!

Venue Locked in!!

Its official, we have a venue selected and locked in!
This is very exciting for SCGG because it was an adventure trying to find adequate space in October.
Our first event will be held at the Legacy Event Center in Farmington, Utah, not quite Salt City but only 20 minutes away on I-15.

This area will give us enough space to play all game systems people are interested in.
Also, there will be free parking and across the street are delicious places to eat, and a shopping center! Also not 1 mile away is lodging for you out of towners! (Hampton Inn, (801) 451-7999)

Overall, this will be a perfect venue to hold our first event!
Here is the venue's website if you are interested, we will be housed in buildings #3 and #1.

Though everything is coming up on us fast, we are still trying our darnedest to hit our ticket sale date of July 25th
Stay tuned for more information on our games in the coming weeks, and save the date of October 24th-25th.
We are looking at making the best event for you, the players!