Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Salt City Gladiator Games Committee Bio - Jason Scanlon

Hello, Gladiators!

Once again, we present to you an introduction of one of our SCGG Planning Committee members.

For the Gamers, By the Gamers

Unlike many other conventions, SCGG is run by members of the community instead of by a business or store. Each of us comes from a different niche in the tabletop hobby, but we all have a passion for wargaming and bringing people together to have good times throwing dice.

Jason Scanlon

(Garish, amateur 80's-style movie poster montage brought to you by the wonders of Photoshop)

Jason got started sometime in 2007, when he walked into a game store, saw people rolling dice and moving miniatures around flock-covered tables laced with fancy terrain, and said "how do you play this game?..."  Fast-forward over 9 years later, and here he is, working with the convention planning team on making year four of the Salt City Gladiator Games, a reality.

It has been an interesting journey, starting with 3rd edition Lizardmen from Warhammer, to his fabled "chocolate smurf" Tyranid army of 40K (with occasional hand-made foam 'nid proxies for testing), and now to 
the growing forces of angry werewolf druids of Circle Orboros in Hordes -- why does this guy seem to vacillate to creatures with fangs and tails...?

Throughout the course of his dice-rolling, super-glue-messing, tape-measure-stretching, evil-grin-honing, eternal-paint-job-noodling table-top-gaming career, Jason has always been intrigued with the organized play experience.  He has even tried several (largely unsuccessful) personal attempts at writing and running a couple of narrative campaigns (but they were fun while they lasted!).  While he would not consider himself a very competitive player, he has frequented many tournaments with the goal of meeting new fellow gamers, and playing more nerd games than his tired brain can handle.

For SCGG, Jason has served in several planning capacities, from store relations to venue selection to terrain construction.  Wherever his talents and enthusiastic personality are needed, Jason will be there.

Be on the lookout for our next organizer...

We have many more bios coming for you in the future. Be sure to say hello and shake our hands as we are out and about in the community. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 Event!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Salt City Gladiator Games Committee Bio - Chris "Captain" Morgan

Hello, Gladiators!

Planning for the 2017 SCGG is in full swing, but while we are waiting to get some of the details hammered out, the SCGG Planning Committee wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves to the community who may or may not know us by name and face.

For the Gamers, By the Gamers

Unlike many other conventions, SCGG is run by members of the community instead of by a business or store. Each of us comes from a different niche in the tabletop hobby, but we all have a passion for wargaming and bringing people together to have good times throwing dice. So, without further ado, here is the first of the SCGG Committee Bios!

Chris "Captain" Morgan

Captain Morgan has been in the wargaming hobby since his wee days of painting horses for his dad's Napoleonic miniatures. Chris has had a long and sordid love affair with the wargaming hobby, but settled on the universe of Warhammer 40,000, and more recently Horus Heresy, where the majority of his gaming passion lies with the Blood Angels faction for both systems. Even so, he owns a mighty and stout army of dwarves from the Lord of the Rings game sets, among other (a holdover love of the bearded warriors stays strong after playing Hero Quest so much as a kid). The promise of a good time rolling dice with good people with good models is enough to get him to try any system. In addition to working on the SCGG Committee, Chris also is a panelist on the Forge the Narrative Podcast (known as the FTN Librarian for his love of the stories and fiction), writing articles for FTN, Bell of Lost Souls, and Frontline Gaming from time-to-time. 

For SCGG, Chris works as the Head Tournament Organizer for the 40k Narrative and Competitive events, which he has headed for the last two years. The 2016 SCGG saw the 40k Championships reach Grand Tournament status, and Chris is looking forward to keep growing the event with big changes in the 40k scene on the horizon. Additionally, Chris is hoping to get more opportunities to come and play in more events put on by the community in general, and maybe add a Horus Heresy event this year as well.

The First of Many to Come...

We have many more bio's coming for you in the future. Be sure to say hello and shake our hands as we are out and about in the community. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2017 Event!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


We had a tightly contested battle between stores but the store with the most points was:
Game Den!
Our champions will take home the cup and get to drink heartily out of the chalice which is the cup!
our top three competitors were as follows:
1st- Nate P
2nd- Jason W
3rd- Patrick A

here is the scoring:

We saw our champions run away with our SCGG trophies along with the new Steamroller medallions.

 We would like to thank the orginizers of the Utah Cup and Demolition Games on providing us the opportunity to run the cup this year.
We look forward to our next year and the support!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Salt City Gladiator Games 2016 40k Championships Recap

Hello Gladiators!

This year's SCGG has come and gone, and boy what an event it was! We have come a long way from our beginnings three years ago, and looking to the future there are a lot of things to get excited about. We experienced strong growth in attendance for both of the 40k events, and we also had a strong showing from some out-of-state players who made the trip down.

Salt City Gladiator Games is now Utah's ONLY 40k Grand Tournament!

One of the coolest things to come out of the weekend was the fact that we were able to reach the attendance necessary to qualify as a Grand Tournament in the Independent Tournament Circuit for 40k! This was a big deal for everyone involved, as reaching GT status makes you eligible for more ITC points and adds a lot to the prestige of the event, and the prestige of the winners! Considering that we were sharing a weekend with the Bay Area Open - which is one of the largest 40k Tournaments in the U.S.A. - I tip my hat and bow to all the players who showed up and brought their game to the SCGG this year and helped us put on the best competitive 40k tournament we have had yet!

40k Tournament Army Composition Recap

I have to say that I was more surprised by the army composition at this tournament than I was for any other that I have run. The fact that despite breaking records for attendance, we did not have a single Codex: Space Marines primary faction - yep you read that right: ZERO SPACE MARINE PLAYERS were at the SCGG in 2016. So, instead we had a very strong showing of Chaos and Xenos players. Here's the breakdown for primary detachments:

  • Chaos Demons: 3
  • Imperial Knights:  1
  • Eldar: 6
  • Chaos Space Marines: 3
  • Necrons: 3
  • Chaos Renegades: 1
  • Orks: 1
  • Tau Empire: 3
  • Cult Mechanicus: 1
  • Space Wolves: 1
  • Dark Angels: 1
  • Grey Knights: 1
  • Dark Eldar: 1
  • Astra Militarum: 1
  • Harlequins: 1
  • Tyranids: 1

As one would expect, Eldar made a very strong showing, especially in an environment where their "nemesis" (read: Space Marines) was very absent. Here's the breakdown of placings (first to last from top to bottom):

First Name Last Name Club Primary Detachment
Dustin Chesmer Chaos Daemons
Ryan Polson Imperial Knights
Adrian Sanders T&T
Russ Tanner Gitz & Gutz Eldar
Ben Cromwell Team Zero Comp Eldar
Matt Johansen Team Zero Comp Eldar
Ryan Burwell Gitz & Gutz Chaos Space Marines
Trent Baxter Necrons
Caden Humpherys Gamer's Enclave Necrons
Seth Rourk Demises Renegades
Rich  Kilton Double Dutch Rudder Orks

Christopher Talley Tau Empire
Sean Yeates T&T Cult Mechanicus
Bryan Gordon Space Wolves
Aaron Fyffe Eldar
Ben Gabbert Gamer's Enclave Dark Angels
Deron Gross Grey Knights
Wes Hall Chaos Daemons
Dallin Burns Dark Eldar
Micah Merkley Chaos Daemons
Eric Peterson Eldar
Zach Gill Necrons
Bryan Humpherys Gamer's Enclave Tau Empire
Ash Palmer Tau Empire
Caitlin Hawker Chaos Space Marines
Zac Johnson Chaos Space Marines
Borf Cline Astra Militarum
Mark Vachon Harlequins
Shawn Gately Tyranids

Congratulations to all of the attendees! We had some great games and some nailbiters during the course of the rounds. Here are some of the action shots that I was able to get during the games. We also have some coverage on our Facebook page (via live videos) that you can see too for some highlights. You just have to pay the price of looking at Captain Morgan's ugly mug for a few minutes as I walk between tables...

Hobby on Display

We have always tried to maintain our emphasis on a strong hobby showing as part of the games, and this year the players did not disappoint! We had some EXCELLENTLY painted models and armies on display here. Here are some of the photos of the armies as they were set up for paint judging:

To the Winners go the Spoils...

We had some excellent prize support at SCGG, courtesy of our many sponsors. We were also able to hand out some custom-made plaques to the winners. Take some time to congratulate them on being a part of the best Gladiator Games that we have had yet!

With SCGG's continued growth, you can count on the event picking up even more steam as time goes by! We are committed to delivering the ultimate in the Utah 40k experience, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements for next year's events, and be sure to pre-order your tickets when they go up for sale again. I'm very much looking forward to next year, and hope to see you all there!

Captain Morgan

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Warmachine Utah Cup Steamroller event Mark 3- Ever changing War

Our event is fast approaching and we will be hosting the Warmachine Utah Cup on Saturday.
We will be using the steamroller 2016 rule set and its varied new mechanics.
We will use the death clock time set and will have a bevy of PressGangers on hand to help with the new rule set along with creating a fantastic event
If you are new to Privateer press Steamroller rules please go to:

We will try to make this event great, we will have many prizes for our Warmachine players along with the New Privateer press medals (they are Big)!!
Since we know that glory is not the only thing Warmachine players come for our prize pot for Warmachine has increased from previous years and our Pantheon will allow you to also gain tickets during your down time.

We will have many other Warmachine events during the weekend, I look forward to seeing you there!

Get your tickets at the door!
July 14-17th at the Legacy Events Center in Farmington, UT

Monday, July 11, 2016

SCGG Narrative Sponsor Showcase - Dicehead Games!

Hello Wargamers!

Today I am super excited to do our sponsor showcase for Dicehead Games! Dicehead has been supporting SCGG's narrative campaign since the beginning.

About Dicehead Games

Dicehead Games is a great store run by gamers, for gamers. They offer Games Workshop products at 20% off every day, as well as other table top games and supplies at a great discount!

The staff is made up of avid gamers, and they are constantly expanding their gaming knowledge through our brick and mortar store, Dicehead Games in Tennessee to better serve local customers.

Shane is the man in charge, and is a great supporter of the hobby all across the country. Shane and Dicehead put on the 40k American Team Championships (ATC) every year, which is one of the largest 40k events in the world! Take some time to visit their website and check out some of the great deals they have on all things hobby!

Prize Support for the 40k Narrative

Shane and Dicehead have been supporting the SCGG Narrative by working with us as we have been playing through the www.worldwar40k.com campaign. We came into the campaign back in January, and have been doing monthly game days since then, as players have been building up their characters for the Narrative Finale at SCGG.

Aside from the support they have done, Dicehead has given us $100.00 worth of vouchers to distribute at the SCGG! These are tied specifically to things in the narrative - so you'll have to play to know! Please make sure to go check out the story so far and make sure you are up to date on the story of Stulte Mors!


Captain Morgan

Thursday, July 7, 2016

SCGG 40k Table Spotlight - Titan Terrain Studios

Hello Gladiators!

Today we are happy to be able to spotlight one of the great studios in the local community that has donated the use of their excellent terrain so that all the gamers can have an excellent gaming experience. Today we are spotlighting Titan Terrain Studio, who are contributing 3 full tables of terrain for the 40k events at SCGG!

Who They Are

Titan Terrain Studio, led by Matt Thompson, has been creating custom wargaming terrain for the past three years. In late 2015 TTS went full-time, expanding into both miniature painting and resin casting as well, with their own line of themed scatter terrain coming this holiday season. The current team consists of Matt, owner and lead craftsman, Lathe, miniatures painter, and Brittani-Pearl, our head of marketing. You can contact them at titanterrainstudio@gmail.com to get a quote for your custom project idea, or check out their pre-made sets on our webstore at www.titanterrainstudio.com

Or, follow along in the studio's day to day activities on Facebook, twitter, youtube & many more.

Here's some examples of their work:

I'd like to send a big thank you to everyone in the community who is contributing to the games. Working together, I'm confident we will have the best year we've ever had in 40k land!

Captain Morgan